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    New Year, New High Bays

    January 17, 2019
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    We know that high bay luminaires are used for a host of applications ranging from manufacturing and distribution facilities to school gymnasiums and retail establishments. At the same time, each of these venues require their own variety of features and performance specs all while meeting a specified budget.


    Introducing the Day-Brite HBY and FBY high bay luminaires.




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    Featuring a sleek and ultra-modern design, the HBY is a high-performance luminaire designed for a variety of environments ranging from the most demanding to the most aesthetically pleasing. It’s robust IP65 and NSF ratings make it ideal for challenging environments while its die cast construction is available in white, black, silver aluminum or dark bronze making it great for atriums, lobbies, higher end retail and even natatoriums. 

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    Modern winery facility utilizing stainless steel containers compared to old style wooden barrels



    A host of accessories add to its versatility. To top it all off, its 148lm/W maximum efficacy adds a great total cost of ownership solution too. 




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    If your requirements are general purpose oriented or necessitate more cost-effective options, consider the Day-Brite FBY. The FBY provides show stopping versatility in form and function. With a wide range of lumen packages and accessories to choose from, this luminaire can be used in many different applications ranging from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to retail outlets and education facilities. 

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    G1Y8AG Gymnasium interior. Plymouth Creative School of Art, Plymouth, United Kingdom. Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios LLP, 2015.



    See everything the Day-Brite HBY and FBY have to offer.


    Peter Bellman
    Peter Bellman

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