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    A new kind of hybrid flexibility with
    FlexFit T8s

    June 15, 2020
    A new kind of hybrid flexibility with FlexFit T8s

    Deciding to retrofit your linear fluorescent lights to LED? Don’t know where to start? What factors should you consider when doing a retrofit?

    • Is there enough energy savings?
    • Is there a long, or tedious installation?
    • Does it provide enough energy savings?
    • Can the manufacturer be trusted for the quality of the product?
    Put your mind at ease and make your decision easy with the new Philips FlexFit (Dual-mode) T8 LED Lamps. This is a customer centric solution, where we take care of each customer along the value chain. These lamps were designed as the perfect solution to facilitate the move from fluorescent to energy saving LEDs by being both a plug-and-play (UL Type A) or ballast bypass (UL Type B) lamp. As a Type A lamp, it is compatible with a variety of ballasts.  If a ballast fails or is not desired, the lamp can quickly be installed as a double-ended line voltage lamp. One lamp for two applications, that’s true flexibility!
    Product image of FlexFit Type AB

    Easy install

    Philips FlexFit (UL Type A + UL Type B) lamps are designed for simple installation. All our FlexFit lamps are plug and play or double-ended Type B for the simplest and quickest installation in either configuration. Additionally, the long life delivers reduced maintenance and replacement costs. If the ballast should fail, simply cut the ballast from the system and wire the tube directly to line voltage 120-277V!


    Energy savings

    You can expect the 12.5W FlexFit T8 LED lamp to deliver up to 61% energy savings, when compared to a 32W linear fluorescent lamp, for continuous savings. Please visit our website for specific performance characteristics for each installation type.

    Energy savings

    Durability & Longevity

    We are offering impressive amounts of light quality and performance predictability on our FlexFit LED lamps with advanced optical design, ensuring a uniform light output and superior optical efficiency, which translates to satisfied happy customers. These features enable an impressive 40% longer rated life and warranty; now 50,000 hours and a 5-year limited warranty with full replacement and unlimited daily burn hours, which ensures that you are covered.

    Durability & Longevity


    Philips never stops innovating in meaningful ways. FlexFit delivers these key features:

    1. Exceeds UL pin leakage standard for safety
    2. Built-in surge suppression – no external module is needed to ensure long life.
    3. Comfortable light – no stroboscopic effects


    Peace of mind

    Philips is a company with more than 125 years of innovation and reliability in the lighting industry. When it comes to the FlexFit, flexibility comes to mind. The average life rating of up to 50,000 hours means lower maintenance costs and satisfied building occupants for quite some time (tested to B50 L70 requirements). It also carries all of the industry recognized classifications and ratings to give you, and your customers the quality assurance that you both demand. Listings/Ratings: cULus Classified, DLC Certified, RoHS Compliant, NSF Rated, UL Listed & UL Certified, Enclosed Fixture Rated.

    Make the switch to the future of lamps

    The Philips FlexFit (Dual-mode) T8 LED Lamp was designed for most of your education, commercial and light industrial projects, keeping in mind convenience with flexible installation options, so go to, and find out how easy it is to make the switch.


    Product Features

    Product Features of TLED lamps


    • Check the ballast compatibility guide to ensure compatibility
    • When installing as a Type B TLED, the sockets must be shunted


    I would also like to thank Deepika Misra for her collaboration on the writing of this blog article.


    Brian Vedder
    Brian Vedder

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