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    LytePro LED wall sconce gen 3  -        Designed for projects, built for stock

    May 7, 2019
    LED products
    Whether you’re a specifier or a distributor, this family should be one of your go-to wall sconces moving forward. Stonco has just updated the LytePro LED wall sconce family to meet your needs better than ever before. Already a trustworthy and proven winner with a history of quality, LytePro is now available with even more configurations. If time is the key factor, you can choose from select models ready to ship. If you’re looking for a more customized solution, it’s easy to build the exact combination you need.
    LED products

    Capable of meeting any application needs


    Providing high quality illumination, LytePro’s low profile design complements and blends in with its surroundings. Available in 3 sizes, LytePro offers two optical distributions, multiple lumen packages, and is suitable for a range of mounting heights. Lumen output ranges from 1,000 to 9,600 with efficacies up to 114 LPW, and all models are DLC qualified. The LPW32 even features button photocell, motion response, battery pack, and field adjustable wattage options.


    The LytePro luminaires are an energy saving replacement for incandescent, compact fluorescent, and HID lamp sources up to 320W, and will mount easily to a variety of junction boxes or fasten directly to a wall for seamless retrofitting.


    Type 3 and 4 optical distributions offer full cutoff performance and excellent uniformity for precise wall and area illumination, while mounting heights range from 7 to 20+ feet. The Stonco LytePro wall sconce family combines excellent performance, design, and value to meet both stock and project needs.


    Let this sconce family simplify your job while exceeding your expectations.


    Download the LytePro bulletin and spec sheets.


    Virginia Allen
    Virginia Allen

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