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    LightFinder app

    What data is collected when I enable the toggle “Consent to share my usage data to help improve the app, and data with social media and other providers to receive targeted Signify advertisements”?
    Enabling this toggle allows the LightFinder development team to track your app interactions as set out in the cookie notice. This will enable the LightFinder development team to run analysis on user behaviors and patterns which is invaluable information for us to see where we can further improve the LightFinder user experience. It will also enable the LightFinder team to respect your preference related to receiving information on Signify products and services via your social media platform or other electronic communication platforms.
    Why do I need to scan a light bulb?
    The scanning functionality of the LightFinder app identifies your light bulb’s shape and fit, enabling you to easily find the correct replacement you need. Simply scan the light bulb you wish to replace, and the LightFinder app will only recommend light bulbs that match the shape of the bulb and fit of the bulb’s base.

    No light bulb at your disposal that you wish to replace? Not to worry! Click on the “Browse light bulbs” button at the top of the LightFinder screen and browse through the catalog of lighting products.
    How do I scan a light bulb?
    Open the LightFinder app and enable your camera access. When scanning your light bulb, place bulb on a flat surface with enough light and minimal background distractions, hold phone about 1 foot away, and make sure the entire light bulb is visible and in focus. Finally, click the green circle to scan the bulb.
    Why did the scanning functionality not recognize my light bulb?

    The scanning functionality not recognizing your light bulb may be due to the following reasons:

    1. Picture Quality: The picture you took may not have come out clearly. Please click on the “Help” button for visual examples showing how to scan your light bulb and try again.

    2. Recognition Engine’s Product Inventory: If your light bulb is still not recognized, it can be possible that the specific bulb you scanned has not yet been added to our Artificial Intelligence recognition engine. Please use the “Browse light bulbs” button to view the product catalog and manually select the light bulb you need.

      Our Artificial Intelligence recognition engine can identify the majority of light bulbs commonly used across households in the US. Although we cannot identify all light bulb types yet, we are dedicated to continuously train our recognition engine to recognize more lighting products. To help us improve, we would appreciate if you could share a picture of the light bulb that could not be recognized using the integrated feedback form. See ''How To Share Feedback.''
    How can I leave feedback about the app?
    We would love to hear about your experience with LightFinder. The LightFinder app has an integrated feedback tool called Usabilla. To provide feedback, open the app, click on “About” at the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the “Give us feedback” button, and then submit your feedback.


    How do I place an order?
    1. Download LightFinder app in App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. Scan light bulb or browse all lighting products. For more details, see “Why Do I Need To Scan A Light Bulb.”
    3. Select lighting product and add to cart.
    4. Proceed to checkout and place your order. For more information on shipping and payment, see “What Does The Checkout Process Look Like.”
    5. Receive order confirmation email with a link to track shipping. For more details, see “How Can I Track My Order.”
    How do I apply my promo code?
    On the My Cart screen in the LightFinder app, the promo section is displayed under the product image and description. Click on “Add Promocode” and the section will expand, allowing you to enter your promo code and apply the discount to your order.
    What does the checkout process look like?

    Three easy steps:

    1. Shipping – enter your shipping address and contact details.
    2. Payment – choose your payment method and validate billing address.
    3. Review – Be sure to review your order details, shipping location, and payment information before placing your order.
    Can I change or cancel my order after placing an order?
    Unfortunately you cannot change or cancel your order after it has been submitted. The order is immediately sent to the fulfillment agency and can no longer be changed in our system.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase once you receive it, you can return the product. Please email LightFinder Support Center with your request. Please make sure to include your order number in the email subject line.
    Which forms of payment does LightFinder accept?
    The LightFinder app accepts PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
    What should I do if my credit card is refused?
    If you are having an issue with your credit card and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with your card or bank, contact the LightFinder Support Center. Please provide the error message you received.
    When and how will a charge from the LightFinder shop show up on my credit card?
    Your credit card will be charged when your order is placed. The charge will appear on your credit card as LIGHTFINDER.SIGNIFY.

    Shipping information

    Where do we ship to?
    We currently ship across the entire US via FedEx (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). It is not yet possible to order outside of the US, but we plan to expand to other locations in the future.
    What is the delivery time?
    Shipping times vary based on your region. Expected delivery time is 2-4 business days.
    What are the shipping costs?
    Free delivery for orders above $50.
    Shipping fee of $5.99 applied for orders below $50.
    How can I track my order?
    Once your package has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing a Track & Trace. Here you can track the status of the shipment.

    Return policy

    How do I return my LightFinder purchase?

    You can return any LightFinder product within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.

    1. If you wish to return or exchange your product, please email LightFinder Support Center with your request. Please make sure to include your order number in the email subject line.
    2. The support center will send you a return order number and shipping instructions to return the product.
    3. Send the complete product, including original packaging. 
    4. You will receive a confirmation email once the returned product is received.
    5. Once the product is received and checked, we will issue your refund and send a refund confirmation email.
    What do I do if my product arrives damaged or defective?

    If you have received a defective or damaged product, you can request a replacement product or a full refund:

    1. Contact LightFinder Support Center within 7 days from the date of delivery.
    2. Make sure to report the detail for the request (e.g. damaged, incorrect delivery)
    3. The support center will send you a return order number and shipping label to return the product.
    4. Send the complete product, including all original parts and packaging.
    5. You will receive a confirmation email once the returned product is received.
    6. Once the returned product has been checked, you will receive a confirmation email and your replacement product. If you requested a refund, you will receive your funds on the card you used for your purchase.

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