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    In an epic collaboration, smart lighting brings renewed symbolism to Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge


    Born between two private citizens ignoring a basketball game to form a non-profit, the city of Milwaukee, local non-profits, and corporations came together to revitalize a popular landmark that residents say embodies convergence and unity. By lighting up the Daniel Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee revitalized the spirit of a place that means so much to so many.

    The ability to change the lights instantly with an intuitive app not only allows Milwaukee residents another way to spread messaging and rally around the community, but it also opened another revenue stream for the city through sponsorships and event-related light shows and provides added security and safety to the area. Milwaukee is just one example of how lighting did far more than illuminate a city.

    Ensuring that all citizens, regardless of race or background, have a chance to prosper is top of mind for Milwaukee’s leadership. This goal is intertwined with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s vision for safety and security in the city.

    A prosperous and growing economy is also part of Mayor Barrett’s vision. While Milwaukee’s economy is bolstered by its strong historical reputation in manufacturing and shipping industries, attracting other industries and small business owners will help to balance economic diversity and ease the path towards Mayor Barrett’s forward-thinking vision.

    • LED lighting for roads and streets

      LED lighting for roads and streets

      Creating energy savings from LED and connected lighting, the Signify Brighten America plan can help achieve sustainability and connectivity targets.

    • LED lighting for government buildings

      LED lighting for government buildings

      Signify energy-efficient LED and connected lighting is a quick win for a sustainable building renovation utilizing infrastructure investment funds

    • Bright ideas in Education

      Bright ideas in Education

      Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society as places of learning, belonging, and community cohesion.

    • Broadband equity

      Broadband equity

      Broadband access is critically important for equal opportunity in the workplace, the educational system, and people's day-to-day lives.

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