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    Brighten America’s schools

    Create a learning environment for bright ideas


    Lighting plays a crucial role in education. School districts collectively spend around $8 billion per year on energy, with lighting in schools representing around 9% of that spend. Poor and outdated lighting can hinder student performance, productivity, and well-being, leading to unintended long-term consequences. The environment outside suffers as well, with K–12 buildings emitting greenhouse gases equivalent to 15.4 million vehicles annually. LED and connected lighting are fast and easy ways for schools to save energy, improve their learning environment, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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    What Signify's Brighten America Plan can do

    Americans spend a significant part of their lives in the educational system. Within a single building, students and staff may divide their time between classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and other environments. Because of the wide variety of activities they offer, schools have varied and extensive lighting needs, ranging from bright lighting that enhances energy and focus to warm lighting that offers calm and tranquility.


    High-quality LED and connected lighting solutions from Signify foster productivity and enhance well-being in school buildings while reducing energy usage, lowering costs, and increasing the longevity of investments. Our extensive portfolio of LED lamps and luminaires offers maximum flexibility to brighten classrooms, hallways, offices, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and outdoor areas in a manner most compatible with each space. Tunable LED luminaires have been shown to increase reading speed by 35% and decrease frequency of errors by 45% in classroom settings.


    Connected LED lighting systems provide the digital infrastructure needed for advanced, data-driven applications, including space management, indoor wayfinding, and lighting personalization. Buildings can also become safer and healthier with UV-C lighting that inactivates viruses and bacteria in the indoor environment.

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