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    Brighten America’s technology infrastructure

    Delivering public Internet access with connected LED lighting


    Today, with so much being done digitally and remotely, affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet access is a paramount need for all citizens. Regrettably, more than half of all Americans with broadband access receive substandard service, while around 25% have no access at all. This lack of digital equity means that one in five teens can’t regularly complete homework assignments, and many families don’t have enough connectivity to share among everyone who needs it.


    Connected lighting systems are the quickest and most cost-effective investment to deliver public broadband and Wi-Fi access to underserved communities at significantly lower cost. Connected street lighting infrastructures provide the distributed real estate, power, and connectivity to solve the “last mile” challenge, ensuring adequate broadband access for more and more Americans.

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    What Signify can do

    At Signify, we integrate broadband and public Wi-Fi connectivity directly into street lighting infrastructure. Internet-enabled nodes create a mesh network distributed wherever light poles are installed throughout a municipality or community, establishing multiple access points that can deliver gigabit broadband to more people who need it, especially in traditionally underserved areas.

    Our connected street lights are wirelessly managed and controlled, making them more flexible to deploy than fiber optic and other wired solutions, which require the digging up of streets and sidewalks for installation and maintenance. Communities benefit from the improved illumination provided by managed LED, too—better coverage, fewer outages, and quicker repairs means safer, more attractive streets at night. And the energy cost savings can be significant, freeing up funds that municipalities can then direct to other important initiatives.

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