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    Brighten America’s roadways and bridges

    Strengthen transportation using LED and connected lighting


    America’s transportation infrastructure includes over 40 million streetlights, with millions more light points needed for tunnels and bridges. Over half of existing streetlights have not been upgraded to long-lasting, energy-efficient technology—contributing to climate change, excessive energy costs, and roadway safety issues. LED and connected lighting represent the fastest and easiest investments to help modernize American roads and bridges, save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and enhance the life of citizens and communities.

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    What Signify's Brighten America Plan can do

    LED and connected lighting from Signify are the “low-hanging fruit” for revitalizing America’s transportation infrastructure. Our LED products and connected systems offer superior lighting and beyond illumination benefits for all aspects of transportation—from roadways to city streets, bridges, tunnels, ports, and more.

    A simple retrofit with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lamps and luminaires can reduce crime, road accidents, and carbon emissions. Dynamic, full-color LED lighting can transform bridges, allowing municipalities to connect with citizens, revitalize communities, attract tourism, and foster city identity.


    Interact connected lighting systems and software from Signify offer comprehensive and remote management of all system assets and operations. Sensors attached to street lights and smart poles can improve traffic management, optimize parking, and increase public safety, while also monitoring air quality and noise levels on city streets.

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