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    RoadFocus LED:
    Not all roadway luminaires are created equal

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    Exceeding expectations, now and down the road

    With Lumec RoadFocus Plus LED Cobra Head luminaires, you can reliably upgrade to LED roadway lighting – saving energy, maintenance and operating costs. The RoadFocus Plus family comes in nano, small, medium and large sizes and features industry leading efficacy of up to 200 lumens per watt!

    Which RoadFocus is right for me?


    RoadFocus Plus LED Cobra Head Family

    The newest offering in the RoadFocus series features a unique and patented design with a minimalist profile, while still maintaining key cobra head characteristics. Connectable ready and available in 4 sizes, RoadFocus Plus offers multiple lumen packages with industry leading efficacy and a complete array of optical distributions. 

    RoadFocus LED Cobra Head Family

    This connectable family comes in small, medium and large sizes, as well as a sleek design and numerous options - including Off Road and Shielding. RoadFocus provides a uniform aesthetic, with consistency and reliability demonstrated by millions of field installations since 2014.

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    RoadFocus Off Road


    This versatile solution provides illumination for applications that are outside the range of traditional roadway lighting. Combined with specialized optics to be used in a tilt application, the knuckle adapter can tackle even the most difficult installation.




    RoadFocus Reduced Glare

    This RoadFocus cobra head has an exclusive light engine designed to lower perceived brightness by providing uniform reduced glare illumination. This makes it ideal for residential areas or applications where LED brightness may be an issue - such as reduced mounting height requirements.

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    RoadFocus Plus solar


    Support sustainability initiatives with RoadFocus Plus solar. Captured, stored and distributed, solar energy powers  road and street luminaires by replacing all or part of the electrical consumption from infrastructure, limiting grid overload. These systems are easy to install– no trenching, digging or wiring required to connect to the grid network.


    RoadFocus Connectable Options

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    RoadFocus luminaires come standard with a 7-pin receptacle and dimming driver, enabling connected lighting solutions. As an option, RoadFocus can also be ordered with the universal Zhaga Book 18 receptacle and D4i or SR drivers to connect sensors. That means you can install your luminaires today and add nodes and sensors at a later date - without any hassle.


    Signify offers the Interact City lighting management system and connector nodes to enable remote management, monitoring and control of RoadFocus luminaires. The Outdoor Multisensor enables motion detection, and delivers noise and temperature sensor information to provide situational awareness for better decision making.



    Learn more about Interact City here

    Put light where you want it, not where you don’t

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    Light trespass can be a huge concern with solid

    state lighting technology. Lumec has developed a broad range of shielding solutions for our Roadway product families to help alleviate these issues. These low-profile unobtrusive shields will not impact your fixture’s appearance, EPA, or weight. They can be factory installed as options, or you can order them as accessories for easy clip-on installation in the field. There are 5 configurations to choose from for both 16 or 20 LED light engines.


     Click here to download the Lumec Shielding trifold.

    RoadFocus Plus solar

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    Access to light is imperative. With solar lighting solutions, off-the-grid communities can access light 24/7. The sun offers clean, free and renewable energy. Captured, stored and distributed, solar energy powers our lighting fixtures by replacing all or part of the electrical consumption from our infrastructure, limiting consumption and grid overload.


    Our standalone solar lighting solutions do not require any trenching, digging or wiring to connect to the grid network. These systems are quick and easy to install without causing significant disruption such as lengthy construction periods, traffic, noise or pollution. Additionally, our luminaires are designed with durable, long-lasting materials that require little to no maintenance.

    Support sustainability initiatives with a patented, solar luminaire design. Available in multiple lumen packages with industry-leading efficacy.

    With RoadFocus Plus solar, get up to 12,400 lm with efficacy up to 224 lm/W. A wide range of optical distributions can meet photometric requirements for the most challenging applications. Specialty optics and shields are available to illuminate the spaces you need and shield the spaces you don’t.