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    RoadFocus Reduced Glare – Controlled, Comfortable & Compelling

    January 18, 2022
    RoadFocus Reduced Glare

    LED road and street lighting is a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for cities today. LED technology can deliver significant energy savings and helped reduce maintenance for departments of transportation and municipalities with its longer life. However, a common side effect of street lighting is light trespass – unwanted illumination that shines beyond a luminaire – which spills into neighboring homes of citizens and may impact visual comfort. Citizens can also experience these effects in areas outside their homes. While glare reduction can help lower the effects of light trespass, it can negatively impact light distribution, performance and even energy efficiency.


    Customers no longer have to face making these sacrifices while paying more to achieve lower glare results. Signify has introduced the Lumec LED RoadFocus Reduced Glare luminaire. It’s designed with a new light engine and optic to help customers control light trespass.


    Minimizing perceived glare – but not performance

    Minimizing perceived glare – but not performance
    RoadFocus Reduced Glare offers a Type 2/Type 3 hybrid optical distribution, providing even illumination, excellent backlight control and minimal spill outside of the desired focus area. Signify’s solution also delivers up to 182 lumens per watt, ensuring high quality, energy-efficient light output that does not compromise on photometric performance. As a result, customers can enjoy better quality light for less energy costs than luminaires without this technology.
    RoadFocus Reduced Glare
    RoadFocus Reduced Glare

    If you are looking for further directional light blocking, RoadFocus Reduced Glare offers House Side and Front Side shielding options. Lumec’s House Side shield works by reducing the light in the back of the fixture, to mitigate light spill behind the pole. This is helpful when the fixture is located directly in front of one or more homes, and municipalities wish to reduce the amount of light coming into their residents’ windows at night. Reversing that scenario, Lumec’s Front Side shield reduces the light in front of the fixture, to mitigate light spill across the street.


    We understand the lighting challenges you face and don’t want you to have to make any sacrifices. Let RoadFocus Reduced Glare help.


    For more information, visit our website or contact your Signify sales representative.



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