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    See Well, Feel Well, Perform Well: Signify's Alkco Brand Delivers Patient-Centric Lighting Solutions for Modern Healthcare Facilities 

    August 2, 2023
    Lighting plays an important role in healthcare settings, supporting both the patient’s experience and the staff’s ability to provide care.
    In fact, research has found that in healing environments, integrating the right lighting as well as aesthetics such as natural elements, colors and sounds, can make a great difference in patients’ recovery process. Signify strives to make wellbeing happen with our comprehensive portfolio of Alkco luminaires.
    Surgicare lighting in operating room

    See Well


    We see lighting as a tool, much like the equipment used by medical staff to care for patients and function effectively. And, as with any tool, you want it to be the highest quality possible.


    Feel Well


    We develop our products with the occupant of the space in mind. Our lighting solutions prioritize patient comfort and aesthetics without sacrificing functionality and efficiency for healthcare providers.


    Perform Well


    Performance is the outcome of good lighting – and we’re not just talking about the lights themselves. In dynamic healthcare spaces, proper lighting supports the performance of staff even during long, intense shifts, for example.

    Evoseal room lighting mockup

    Lighting Solutions for Healthcare Applications


    Some of the latest products that encompass our see well, feel well and perform well philosophy to healthcare lighting are the EvoSeal Sealed Centerbasket, the SurgiCare Troffer and the DuoCare Patient Narrow.



    Designed to meet the needs of modern specialty and healthcare lighting, the feature-packed EvoSeal center basket fixture provides performance along with options like Interact-ready sensor integration. This luminaire maintains a visually pleasing appearance while offering specification-grade ratings.


    The full-coverage clear lens maintains the clean aesthetics of the center basket design while protecting the fixture from damage in the dynamic healthcare environment.


    The opal diffuser softens the high lumen outputs without sacrificing efficacy, supporting comfort and versatility across a broad range of applications including exam and procedure rooms, labs, cleanrooms and cafeterias.

    Evoseal lighting

    SurgiCare Troffer


    The feature-rich SurgiCare Troffer LED meets the requirements of a modern operating room – it’s a high-efficiency luminaire, providing quality light exactly how it’s needed to support surgeons’ visibility.


    Optional narrow-spectrum green lighting also supports the comfort and vision of surgeons as ambient lighting reduces glare on monitors.

    Surgicare troffer LED

    DuoCare Patient Narrow


    The DuoCare Patient Narrow elevates the standard of care as a multi-functional bed light that meets the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.


    The luminaires are placed on either side of the patient’s bed, out of the line of sight. This placement is designed to improve comfort and provide effective ambient lighting without sacrificing the quality or efficiency of lighting needed for exams.


    Optional reading lights and nightlights offer additional comfort and convenience. Patients can also have direct control of bed illumination right at their fingertips with optional low voltage relay integration, promoting comfort on their terms during the entirety of their stay.

    Duocare patient LED lighting

    Lighting Technology for Patient & Provider Comfort


    Select Alkco products are available with technologies like the CRI 90+ AccuRender advanced color rendering, as well as tunable white control options and BioUp cyan-enhanced technology that helps increase the biological impact of light.


    Learn more about how Signify’s Alkco lighting solutions can help support the wellbeing of patients and the doctors, nurses and staff that care for them on our website.


    Lindsey Mulrooney
    Lindsey Mulrooney

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