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    Understanding Signify’s BioUp Technology and the Impact on Occupant Well-being

    August 14, 2023
    Our lives have profoundly changed over the last few years. While some trends have been fleeting, one that has continued is that people are spending more time indoors than ever before.

    And the more time we spend indoors, the less likely it is that we are exposing ourselves to sufficient daylight. We often forget how important natural light is – it can affect our mood, energy levels, productivity and sleep. The exposure to the natural light-dark cycle gives our biological clocks the essential time cues we need to feel well and perform well.


    Most indoor light emits only visual levels of light. With the right technology, we can mimic natural day cycles to bring the non-visual impact of lighting indoors, supporting occupant wellbeing.

    Office Application
    What is Melanopic Lighting?
    Melanopic lighting is intended to deliver the ideal light output to inform our natural circadian rhythm.
    Scientific research has shown that daytime light exposure helps stabilize the circadian rhythm and the alignment between the internal clock and light-dark cycle. A stabilized circadian rhythm can help to alleviate stress, support cognitive performance, and improve mood. But the biological benefits of light go beyond these.
    • Metabolic function
    • Vitality and stress alleviation 
    • Daytime functioning, cognitive performance and alertness
    • Stabilized circadian rhythms, regulated sleep timing and enhanced nocturnal melatonin levels
    Spectral Senstivity
    Source: Schlangen, L.J.M., & van der Zande, B. M. (2022). The power of healthy daytime lighting in indoor settings: melanopic lighting advances and office applications (Version 1). Zenodo.


    Just as sufficient daylight exposure is tied to positive health outcomes, insufficient daylight exposure can have detrimental impacts to health. Even if we aren’t aware that it’s happening, even 1 hour of misalignment between social and biological rhythms has major repercussions for sleep, general health and economic outcomes.

    Seeing the Difference with BioUp
    Signify’s BioUp technology is designed to mimic elements of natural daylight that are visually imperceptible but profoundly impactful in delivering these melanopic benefits. Spectrally tunable, it allows for minute adjustments to certain wavelengths in the LED light spectrum. By enhancing the LED spectrum with cyan light, BioUp helps to support your biological clock and, in turn, how you feel and perform.
    BioUp helps achieve a high Melanopic Daylight Efficacy Ratio (MDER) value at cooler Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) levels while maintaining high efficacy. But what differentiates BioUp?
    • Higher MDER of up to 0.97: more melanopic light per lumen
    • Higher MDER*LER: more melanopic light per watt radiation for higher efficiency (up to 19% more) 
    • The ability to tune CCT with MDER values over a wider range, from 5000K at 0.97 to 2700K at 0.44, for better daylight simulation


    With these features, BioUp performs with excellent efficiency and superb daylighting simulation, positively impacting the occupant experience.

    Cri Mder
    The Benefits of BioUp
    BioUp can complement luminaires with features such as Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 82-94, CCT range of 2700K-5000K, and both wired and wireless control options. Together, these features offer an easily customizable experience that further promotes occupant well-being and comfort.
    As the focus on optimizing health and well-being within the built environment grows, BioUp can contribute toward WELL v2 Circadian Lighting Design points and human-centric lighting requirements in US building codes such as LEED certification for your project.
    Lighting 3 ways
    BioUp can be added to select indoor lighting products from Signify’s Ledalite, Day-Brite and Alkco brands.
    Click here to learn more about how BioUp can help you see well, perform well and feel well.


    Lindsey Mulrooney
    Lindsey Mulrooney

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