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    Less is More with the Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay

    May 19, 2022
    Lighting For Education


    Signify continues to help our professional customers transform their commercial spaces with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions. We’re proud to introduce the newest addition to our Day-Brite family – the FBZ LED High Bay – and give you a versatile fixture designed to flex with your lighting needs.

    Here are four ways this product can deliver more to your next lighting project:



    1. Best-in-Class Optics with Fewer Fixtures

    Why should you sacrifice simplicity and efficiency for performance? With FBZ, you no longer need to. Its best-in-class targeted optics solution directs the light right where you need it, resulting in fewer required luminaires and less complexity to achieve optimal lighting. On average, a typical application with FBZ can use up to 38% fewer fixtures resulting in reduced project costs.  A 13% overall improved efficacy rating, compared to the previous generation, FBX, contributes to a better total cost of ownership.


    2. Application Flexibility

    The FBZ LED High Bay’s new, lean design expands its application to a host of climate and non-climate-controlled spaces, like warehouses, big-box retail locations and schools. Available in narrow, medium, wide or aisle optical distributions, we can meet any application need.


    Take a warehouse, for example. The narrow optic is perfect for high ceilings, the medium and wide optics complement general areas, and the aisle optic completes storage sections. It’s easy to have the right lighting for your facility’s needs.


    Maximum efficacy of the previous generation, FBX, is 155 lumens per watt and FBZ is 175 lumens per watt.

    School Lighting
    Warehouses aren’t the only application area that can benefit from FBZ. Big-box retailers can use the wide optic for general lighting while installing the aisle optic for shelving. Now, shoppers can enjoy a well-lit environment, which helps to create a more memorable experience.
    School Infrstructre
    Finally, in open areas, like school gymnasiums, the medium or wide optics maximize the light on the floor while minimizing glare. Students’ and faculty’s visual comfort is prioritized without sacrificing the brightness needed for physical activities.
    School Infrstructre

    3. Lighting Output Options

    We offer FBZ in a wide range of lumen packages (from 8,000 to 60,000 lumens), three color temperatures (3500K, 4000K and 5000K), 80 CRI and two housing sizes. The solution also provides a 55°C standard ambient temperature with 65°C on select lumen packages, a UL damp location listing, and DLC Premium or Standard options, so it’s capable of supporting any of your project requirements.


    4. Unleash the Power of Connectivity

    No matter the application area, FBZ helps make your smart lighting goals possible. Compatible with our Interact Pro scalable system, you can leverage your fixtures to get the most out of your space. As your business priorities change, you can scale up to unlock more benefits, such as scheduling, remote access, energy monitoring and preventative maintenance.


    School Infrstructre
    Signify is dedicated to helping you find the right lighting for your next project. Our Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay is an efficient, flexible and connect-able option! For more information, visit our website or contact your Signify sales representative.


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