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    Six Must-See Lighting Innovations at LightFair 2022


    LightFair 2022 is fast approaching! Join Signify at Booth #2628 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall exhibition area to discuss how we can shape the future of light together.

    15 June, 2022
    This year, we’re showcasing six of our latest product innovations, all of which are submissions for the LightFair Innovation Awards. Read on for a sneak peek of what you can experience at the conference next week!
    Six Must-See Lighting Innovations at LightFair 2022

    1. Philips Adjustable Color Temperature Plug-in LED (UL Type-B) replacement lamp

    The Philips MainsFit CorePro (UL Type-B) are all-in-one, energy-efficient lamps that provide adjustable color. Not only do these lamps come equipped with three color temperature solutions, ranging from 3000K – 4000K, but the lamp is available in horizontal or vertical configurations, unlocking endless design possibilities. Furthermore, these lamps have optimized light distribution and reduced lighting complexity by bypassing the ballast (UL Type-B.). They’re not only flexible and functional; they also deliver energy and cost savings.


    Click here to find out how to make the switch and to learn more about the benefits of this product. 

    Philips Adjustable Color Temperature Plug-in LED (UL Type-B) replacement lamp

    2. Philips LED Glass HID Replacement lamps  

    Another light solution that will be featured at our booth is Philips LED Glass HID lamps . These lamps can help you reduce energy consumption and support sustainability targets – all while enabling cost savings. Built with High-Power LED filament technology, these HID replacement lamps have the same look and feel as traditional HID lamps but offer uniformity and high-quality light up to 6000 lumens per watt. You no longer need to sacrifice aesthetics for performance like with Corn Cobs! Indoor or outdoor, these lamps support a variety of application areas at a more affordable price than ever. 


    Click here to review the LED Glass HID replacement lamp catalog and find out where to buy this product.

    Philips LED Glass HID Replacement lamps
    3. Less is More with New Day-Brite Family 

    Our Day-Brite FBZ Liner High Bay lighting fixture transforms large spaces through energy-efficient directed lighting. FBZ features a targeted optics solution that allows you to reduce the number of luminaires needed in a space. The result? A 13% overall improved efficacy rating, compared to the previous generation, FBX, contributes to a better total cost of ownership. Not only that, FBZ simplifies the specification and design process – with its two sizes – and can help make your smart lighting goals possible; these fixtures are Interact-ready, so your facility can unlock further energy savings while supporting occupant comfort. These fixtures enable you to get the most out of your space, now and for years to come.
    Less is More with New Day-Brite Family

    4. Versatility and High-Performance Meet RoadFocus

    Signify’s Lumec RoadFocus Plus LED cobra head luminaires feature a unique and patented design with a minimalist profile. Our RoadFocus LED luminaires feature a diverse range of lumens (1,500 to 48,000), with a wide range of size and Off Road and Reduced Glare options. The improved technology allows for optimization of output translates into energy efficiency and lower total costs. Not only are these luminaires fully connectable, with Interact, they offer multiple shielding options and can be strategically installed for enhanced visibility for safer and more secure streets.


    The RoadFocus LED luminaires, equipped with cutting-edge sensors, including motion detection, can support your smart city objectives.

    Versatility and High-Performance Meet RoadFocus

    5. Simple, Universal Emergency Lighting with Bodine

    Bodine is excited to introduce the complete suite of DALI compliant emergency lighting products. Compatible with any DALI system, Bodine DALI-compliant emergency lighting products family includes two cutting-edge linear emergency LED drivers (6W and 10W), exit signs, unit equipment options and combo units. And this is just the beginning. This diverse line of products is designed to work with existing lighting fixtures.


    Click to read more about the possibilities with Bodine emergency solutions.

    Simple, Universal Emergency Lighting with Bodine

    6. Reimagining Architectural Lighting with Color Kinetics

    Our Color Kinetics ReachElite High Output fixture, with a high-density LED array offers a uniform lit aesthetic from multiple distances. And, also built with a proprietary power optimization technology. Power, in these fixtures, is continually adjusted for 2-4 times greater saturated output, unleashing millions of dynamic color and white light combinations. Furthermore, their modular design empowers lighting designers to use these fixtures in multiple applications.


    Check out this video to see how versatile these light fixtures are.

    Reimagining Architectural Lighting with Color Kinetics
    You’ll be able to check out these LightFair 2022 Innovation Award nominees and even more incredible lighting solutions at our booth #2628. Still need to register for your tradeshow pass? Click here.
    1Maximum efficacy of the previous generation, FBX, is 155 lumens per watt and FBZ is 175 lumens per watt.


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