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    Domino Effect, a new interactive art installation brightens up winter in Montreal

    Janurary 3, 2019
    Interview with 3rd prize winner CLUE

    As daylight gets shorter and the cold sets in, Montreal has found an entertaining way to bring even more light and warmth to this vibrant city.

    For its 9th edition, the annual ‘Luminothérapie’ event in downtown Montreal presents Domino Effect, a new interactive art installation by Ingrid Ingrid. This giant game of dominos consists of 120 brightly coloured tumbling dominos distributed across six stations creating a wide range of sound and lighting effects.


    Photo (c) Eva Blue
    “It’s rare that people can really play with art installations like our dominos that you can manipulate with your hands. That’s what drove us to come up with the idea of using dominos,” says the studio’s creative director, Geneviève Levasseur.
    Photo (c) Eva Blue

    The objective is to generate encounters around the dominos. Technology is used to enhance interaction between people.


    “The digital realm is a gateway to human contact, and to a very tangible relationship with objects and the environment.”


    A simple touch awakens the dominos and the light effects continue with every push, poke, nudge, tap or slap. No need to be delicate as this installation is robust and weather proof. It was built and tested so that freezing temperatures, rain, sleet and wind would not affect it.

    Photo (c) Nicolas Gouin (L’hibou)

    To contrast with the cold, a palette of warm tropical colours was chosen. “We wanted it to be playful and joyous,” Levasseur explains. “We also thought it was important that this warm effect should have just as much impact in the daytime as at night, when the dominos glow brightly in the dark.”


    This fun experience brings people together and fosters a spirit of cooperation.


    The Domino Effect is a temporary luminous event presented at “Place des Festivals’ until January 27th.


    Monique Cousineau
    Monique Cousineau

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