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    Intern in the spotlight: Jonathan Zhou

    Sep 19, 2019
    jonathan zhou


    Jonathan Zhou is the Marketing Intern/Jr. Product Marketeer for BG Home, Market Canada. He is focused on Product Marketing for Philips Hue in our Canadian team.


    Could you tell us about your internship at Signify?


    J: My responsibility is to specialize the messaging and assist in making the appearance of products more local so it can be better presented to our Canadian customers. The globally recognized brand that I work with is Philips Hue. As the leading brand for connected lighting, there’s huge responsibility in contributing to making new product launches successful.


    What is your most memorable moment?


    J: Every day is memorable with our excellent team. I can collaborate with anyone, and whenever a challenge arises, there are colleagues whom I work with to find a solution.


    What does an ordinary day look like for you?


    J: We analyze data to help decision-making regarding products, so I work with numbers a lot. I also communicate with the Hue team across the organization and with different departments depending on my actual task.

    jonathan zhou

    What attracted you to Signify?


    J: The headline of the job posting was Signify, the new company name of Philips Lighting, and I instantly recognized the leading luminaire manufacturer due to its great reputation. I liked how the job description mentioned I could express my creativity and contribute to marketing projects. During the interview I was wowed by Signify’s Shanghai Project and all the other innovative global lighting installations.


    Would you recommend Signify as an employer?


    J: Definitely. I’ve had such a good experience working with the Signify team. The company culture and the talented people I work with make projects exciting. The famous brands and products I work with make the environment fun and meaningful to me!


    jonathan zhou


    Could you summarize your internship at Signify?


    J: Interning at Signify has helped me develop my confidence in communicating through email and giving presentations. I have really developed my expertise on the whole range of Philips Hue products, and I feel like I really learned a lot. My five months of experience at Signify has prepared me for the rest of my career and I am looking forward to continue working at Signify.


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    Levente Pálóczi
    Levente Pálóczi

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