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    Women in Sales Award Recognizes One of Our Systems and Services Key Account Managers

    June 24, 2021
    Women In Sales Award By Zars Media
    Cindy Malinchak, one of our high performing Key Account Managers, is lighting up the competition at this year’s Women in Sales Award by Zars Media. With her six years of experience at Signify driving Public Sector Systems & Services and her entrepreneurial spirit, she has secured this prestigious recognition.

    Scroll to learn more about Cindy’s journey with Signify, professional challenges she’s overcome and the achievements she shared with the judges.


    1. What inspires you about Signify?


    We are doing something that not many other lighting companies are doing: combining innovation with foresight. Aside from being a world-class manufacturer and the leader in lighting, we recognize the future of lighting is connected and based upon the Internet of Things (IoT). I think that’s what I find most inspiring about Signify. It’s the fact that, even with a 130-year legacy, we understand the future that lies ahead and are constantly innovating for what the world needs next.


    2. What do you enjoy most about your current role?


    I always enjoy challenging myself to move into new frontiers, especially in my professional life. Prior to Signify, I had never been in the lighting industry. I love how my current role has given me an opportunity to explore a whole new world.


    During my six years with the company, I’ve experienced many new lighting developments and had the honor of getting to introduce them to our customers for the first time. I’d say that’s what keeps every day refreshing and exciting for me – the innovation and customer interactions.


    3. Before joining Signify, you ran your own business. How did that experience contribute to your success within Signify, and can you share an example?


    Sure, when I started my own company (Environmentally Based Green Building), I had to challenge myself to think outside the box. I didn’t have a large, structured organization that could compartmentalize processes and systems. There was no way of saying, “Well this person does this” and “That person does that.” Being an entrepreneur and founder meant that all of the responsibility fell onto me, and I had to run with that.


    When I came into Signify, our Systems and Services division was still a start-up within the larger organization and, like my company, lacked those support functions. My previous experience taught me the power of being self-sufficient and the importance of problem-solving, which helped me navigate those early days of our division.

    Cindy Malinchak and Colleagues

    4. What makes Signify a great place to work?


    I love how Signify continues to grow and expand as a company — it’s what makes me feel passionate about working here. I’ve watched several of our products and services develop from the ideation stage into the final result that comes to market, which is simply amazing to see.


    More than anything, I enjoy the global interactions I’ve had during my time with Signify. We have colleagues all over the world, from the Netherlands to Latin America, and they’ve pushed me to grow into a better employee. Speaking with them allows me to share challenges that we’re facing in our market and hear fresh ideas on how to overcome them.


    Finally, it’s our customers. They make a huge difference in our business. We are helping introduce a new, connected lighting journey for them, and I always find that rewarding.


    5. What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?


    I faced my biggest challenge when I began to transition away from being an entrepreneur. Not coming from a lighting background or similar legacy, I questioned whether I would be a good fit in the corporate world, but my untraditional background ended up being my greatest advantage.


    With some time, I was able to break through traditional ways of going to market and use my entrepreneurial mindset to get our new division on track for success. From being the first to write a state-wide contract to securing the largest Color Kinetics project in our company’s history, my time as a Key Account Manager has elevated our division.


    6. You've been nominated as a Key Account Manager finalist for the Women in Sales Award by Zars Media. Which achievements did you share to earn this recognition?


    It has always been a habit of mine to excel at whatever I put my mind to. I think my time as an entrepreneur laid the groundwork for this recognition. While I was running my company, I was selected as one of the top 25 female entrepreneurs in NJ for two years, won an award for being the Top Woman in NYC’s Construction Field, and gained recognition from former Governor Christie and the House of Representatives for the work I did in energy-efficient design.


    When I joined Signify, I took this drive with me and have used it to sign some of the largest deals in our division’s history, lead in terms of sales revenue in my division and even exceed my annual goals by up to 200%. I’m thankful that the totality of my work is being considered.

    Emerald Evening Gba
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    Katrina Mueller

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