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    Creating a better world through a circular economy

    March 7, 2023

    Put simply, sustainability is an important part of who we are.

    From the very start, Vari-Lite has created innovative lighting solutions and advanced technologies for entertainment that are designed to make performances - and life - much better.


    A circular economy ensures that resources and products remain in use for as long as possible, minimizing waste for a positive impact on the environment and society.


    Our products and solutions maximize reusability, serviceability, and upgradeability, while minimizing value destruction, to preserve value and avoid waste-to-landfill.


    Doubling our circular revenues


    Vari-Lite is part of Signify’s ‘Brighter Lives, Better World 2025’ program, which helps to create a better world by increasing our positive impact on the environment and society through a circular economy. Together with Signify, our goal is to double our circular revenues to 32% by 2025.


    Supporting a circular economy


    Vari-Lite contributes to a circular economy by extending the life of our products. We have a reputation for high-quality, long-lasting products. In fact, many of our luminaires and control devices are still in use years, or even decades, after they were first released.​


    Every part on a Vari-Lite luminaire is replaceable, including recyclable LED and conventional drivers and modules that prolong the life of the fixture and minimize the need to buy a new one.


    Our non-luminaire portfolio can also be easily updated, due to modular designs that enable our customers to update individual power modules, processors, and user interfaces without affecting or replacing the entire infrastructure.


    And, with regular, free software and firmware updates to our consoles, luminaires, and other products, our users get new features and creative tools without waste.


    Key Areas Where We Are Reducing environmental impact


    • Luminaires are serviceable using standard, widely accessible tools – easily replace driver, controls, and LED boards.
    • Replaceable and recyclable LED and conventional drivers, modules, etc. – drivers and LEDs can be replaced in all fixtures.
    • Lifelong monitoring and preventative maintenance scheduling – lifelong monitoring of lamp hours and lifetime of the fixture.
    • Service centers, extended warranties, and managed services with end-of-contract return options – prolong product lifetime with value-added services.
    • Replaceable power control processors, power modules, and architectural control components ­– update just the part of your infrastructure that needs updating and keep what still works.
    • Regular software, firmware and fixture library updates, plus support for industry standards such as GDTF, DMX, RDM, sACN, Art-Net, CITP, etc. – long-term support for new features, new fixtures, and new devices from across the industry.


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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