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    We heard. We reacted. The affordable Philips LED Lamps portfolio is here!

    April 3, 2019

    As we continue to see LED growth and adoption, 2019 promises to be another year of evolution in the lighting industry.


    Our goal is for customers to see the transition of the Philips LED Lamps portfolio as not just the best choice, but the easiest choice.


    Last year, we segmented our LED Lamps into a tiered portfolio in order to support our customers in their purchasing journey. We help make their product selection process much simpler and relevant for their needs. It is not a secret that Philips prides itself in offering the best in class, high quality and innovative products. That is the heart of everything we do and will never change. But what one may not know is that we also offer a large variety of options for every budget and every application.



    Philips MasterClass and CorePro VIDEO

    Philips MasterClass and Philips CorePro LED Lamps


    Philips LED Lamps tiers are designed to help professional lighting customers identify the right product to fit any budget or project.

    Why Philips CorePro?


    We focus on being customer-centric but there is always room for improvement. We strive to continuously get better and be there for our customers. Over the past few years, we have listened to our customers’ concerns and market needs for an affordable LED lamp portfolio backed by a trusted brand for quality and reliability. We heard. We Reacted. We Offer!


    What is CorePro?  Low price portfolio of LED Lamps with uncompromising quality


    For every job requiring efficiency, value and uncompromising quality, these LED lamps are perfect for basic lighting needs across a wide range of applications. The CorePro line of LED lamps meet industry efficiency standards and minimize maintenance costs for quick payback. This portfolio delivers true value and retrofit solutions for a wide range of applications from Retail, Hospitality, Office, Education and Industrial spaces. It is designed to fit within your budget at an everyday-low- prices without compromising on the quality that we are so proud of at Signify. A large percentage of sockets in the US are still using inefficient lighting and this provides to convert to LED. The CorePro family offers options with energy star and DLC certification to support rebate incentives with the highest payback.


    Actions speak louder than words! The tiered Philips LED Lamps portfolio is by no means just a marketing play and the proof is in the products. Since 2018, we have expanded our CorePro line by adding a large number of skus to the mix, and we have actively reduced the pricing significantly. We are offering shapes, sizes and brightness solutions for almost every socket with quality and reliability backed by Philips warranty for a competitive price.


    Products highlight –


    ·       Last October, we launched a full range of affordable MainsFit double-ended TLEDs including 2ft, 3t, 4ft, U- bend options- Everything is DLC and NSF rated. 



    ·       In addition to our Premium ExpertColor Pars, we have a full range of CRI80 Glass Pars in multiple beam angles and color temperatures. They are designed for customers looking to make an inexpensive transition from Halogen to LED, or for a budget friendly renovation.



    ·       This summer, we will be introducing a full line of CorePro Plastic Title-20 Bulbs & Reflectors which are Energy Star rated, and available in multiple color temperatures. This will be in addition to our expanding MasterClass options.



    Newest addition to the CorePro family



    If you need an affordable LED replacement equivalent to a range of 40W to 150W conventional HID lamps, Philips now offers a wide range of exceptional high lumen LED lamps for indoor applications including basements, garages, work-sites and more. If you are looking for a lamp that is cheap and will deliver a lot of light on 15ft ceilings or below, the CorePro High Bays are a perfect choice.

    See Bulletin



    Philips MasterClass LED lamps



    For other solutions requiring exceptional, high-quality, award winning innovation & design, Philips offers the MasterClass line of LEDs which exceeds industry energy efficiency requirements, featuring improved lifespan and warranties with broad product ranges.


    Philips LED lamps


    With the array of options, the search for the right lighting can be a daunting experience for professionals. Philips is taking out the stress of finding the right LED Lamps.


    In a world where LEDs last a decade or more, brand matters! Professionals are looking for the quality, longevity and reliability of trusted brands. Distributors should be backing that up by offering branded lighting products in their portfolio at an affordable price. There is no brand more trusted than Philips, so when you can get our products at a low price for almost all applications, it is a win-win!


    RealPro, Real Quality


    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak
    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak

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