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    Lighting that is as

    fluid as your life

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    The effect of lighting on your daily life


    Lighting has a profound effect on the human body. It's more than just how we see. It also affects how we feel and how we function. Signify’s tunable white solutions are designed to help maximize the influence of lighting on your daily life.

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    The dynamic feature allow you to automatically mimic daylight patterns by adjusting color temperature and brightness levels with respect to the time of day for optimal visual comfort.

    Scene set


    A combination of predetermined presets instantly sets the scene for room ambiance that supports the next scheduled task or spontaneous activity.

    Personal control


    Get more flexibility and easily change LED intensities and correlated color temperature (CCT) from warm white (2700K) all the way to cool white (6500K).

    Create engaging spaces

    Singfy’s tunable white solutions offer the freedom to create different ambiances in offices, schools, retail spaces, and healthcare environments

    Engaging Spaces


    Standard Bright light is preferred for everyday activities/interactions (3, 10, 11)


    Engaging Spaces


    Presentation Warmer light with lower intensities is preferred for activities such as an interactive learning or a class assignment showcase session. (3, 10, 11)

    Engaging Spaces


    Focus Bright light at higher intensities is best during instructions and exams when students are expected to focus and concentrate. (3, 10, 11)

    Engaging Spaces


    Calm Warm, dimmed lighting conditions support relaxed activities, cooperation, and creativity. (3, 10, 11)

    Gain personal control with style and function


    Antumbra keypad offers multiple dynamic and static lighting scenes to enhance and personalize the user experience


    Antumbra user interfaces empower the user to change the lighting depending on the activity or the atmosphere in the space, we have developed predefined settings of color temperature

    Engaging Spaces