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    Do you take eye comfort seriously?

    October 24, 2019
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    The comfort of eyes is a global concern with people spending more time indoors and in front of computer screens and smart devices. The World Health Organization predicts that one in two people will be short-sighted by 2050. Despite reliance on our eyes for everyday living, research reveals that eye care takes a backseat compared to fitness and weight loss.

    Light quality is an important feature in lighting. At Signify, comfort of the eyes is a key priority. We continuously optimize our products by bringing together in-depth understanding of user needs, lighting application knowledge, and scientific insights.

    There are many LED bulbs on the market today, but they are not all created equal. That’s why we developed our Philips EyeComfort range. Look for LEDs that conform to our EyeComfort standard, which measures our products against a set of key eye comfort criteria: flicker, glare, stroboscopic effect, photobiological safety, dimmability, tuning and color rendering. These factors can impact the comfort of your eyes.

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    Watch our interview with Professor of Ophthalmology, Dr Andrew Stockman, who is a leading psychophysicist and expert on how vision works.

    He answers questions like why good lighting is important for your eyes. How the color of the light is beneficial for children, the elderly and productivity. And he also talks about how the right light is beneficial for your wake-up and sleep pattern.

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    According to a recent study, 87% of consumers say they would rather give up their hearing than their eyesight. The following infographic recaps the key findings from a US study on how important our eyesight is to us.

    Improving the comfort of your eyes could be as simple as screwing in a different light bulb. We have made it easy for you to bring EyeComfort into every room in your home by choosing the right light with our range of Philips EyeComfort LEDs . Discover the Philips EyeComfort range.

    And don’t forget to look for the EyeComfort trademark on Philips packaging. 

    Learn more about EyeComfort.


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