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    Shine Brighter with ReachElite High Output

    July 20, 2021
    ReachElite High Output Powercore

    We’re delighted to introduce Color Kinetics new ReachElite High Output Powercore, a superior-output, exterior medium-throw floodlight designed to illuminate mid- to large-scale structures up to 30 m (100 ft) away with a combination of tight near-field color mixing, precise optical control, and high-efficiency. Delivering an industry-leading 87 lumens per watt, ReachElite High Output maximizes lumens from each LED channel individually, delivering exceptionally high flux and exceeding lumen output from traditional luminaires by 3X. This capability eases specification and reduces the cost of each project.


    This innovative fixture introduces a unique LED array to the industry with over 500 LEDs per 100W module, custom optics, and an internal diffuser to virtually eliminate pixilation and significantly shorten the mixing distance, providing beautiful consistent light, even at close range. Color Kinetics Chromasync technology integrated into ReachElite High Output controls and boosts output, while ensuring color consistency between all LED luminaires within 2SDCM and simplifies commissioning.

    ReachElite High Output Powercore Luminaire


    Providing you with application adaptability and design flexibility, ReachElite High Output excels in flood lighting and wall washing applications. Optional accessories combined with easy and precise aiming offer you the flexibility to customize the appearance and performance of any project, and a precision optical system enables you to place the fixture where you want. Choose from three versions: 100 W, 200 W, and 300 W. Each luminaire contains either one, two, or three 100 W heads that can be aimed independently of one another. This empowers you to utilize multiple applications and beam direction in a single luminaire.

    ReachElite High Output Powercore Luminaires

    Achieve your vision with the right ReachElite High Output luminaire for your needs:


    ReachElite High Output IntelliHue Powercore delivers our highest-quality white and saturated color light from the same luminaire.


    ReachElite High Output RGBW Powercore adds a separate white LED creating better-quality whites than possible with traditional RGB.


    ReachElite High Output RGBA Powercore adds a separate amber LED, expanding the color range of warmer tones – gold, yellow, and orange – compared to RGB.


    ReachElite HighOutput eW Powercore offers single temperature white light.


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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