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    Looking to make your space feel like a destination? Make the room the view with Ledalite EyeLine

    June 21, 2018


    Ledalite has always taken a user first approach to its products. It often starts with an off-the-cuff comment from a lighting designer at an industry social event, or a “top of my wishlist” statement from an architect to one of our reps. In the case of developing EyeLine, it sparked from a situation like these… combined with internal innovation. We knew customers were looking for more aesthetic and innovative choices in the realm of LED commercial linear systems. We knew that they required great performance and energy savings with low-glare, comfortable illumination. Ledalite product manager Jody Sikham stated, “I want something that really enhances a workplace or educational space… not just blends into the background.”

    Ledalite EyeLine
    EyeLine 4 colors

    Internally, we also wanted to bring our customers attractive simplicity and invention.
    On paper, EyeLine is a lightweight, but sturdy aluminum fixture that can be suspended or wall mounted… but in reality it’s so much more. The most energy efficient version (25-watt) delivers 3400 lumens per 4ft length with a wide-spread batwing light distribution and efficacy up to 133 lumens per watt. “Our customers are savvy… they want it all, and we want to give it to them. By that I mean excellent distribution through controlled optics, energy savings and quality good looks…” says Meghan Marrer, US product marketing manager.


    EyeLine’s delicate ½ inch thick panels result in an elegant luminaire that appears almost weightless. Inspired by current mobile technology and furniture design trends, EyeLine systems will elevate any office, education or multi-purpose interior space.

    EyeLine 3 colors

    Because Ledalite knows designers love options, we are offering four color temperatures, direct and direct/indirect distribution, three lumen packages and four standard finishes, including a glossy red for the first time ever*. Customers can have endless flexibility by choosing multiple 4ft standalone fixtures or continuous undulating rows. “The relationship between the light panels and the negative space between is essential to the balance and beauty of EyeLine… this was always a priority during the design process,” states Christopher McDonald, product developer.


    *Note: custom colors are available upon request


    And of course, we did not forget about integrated controls. EyeLine launches with SpaceWise DT control capabilities. This easy-install, wireless lighting control system allow users to benefit from further energy savings and command flexibility.


    Ledalite EyeLine


    Cathleen Singer
    Cathleen Singer

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