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    Vari-Lite, Inspiring Creatives for Four Decades

    August 26, 2021

    Forty years ago, Vari-Lite created an industry. But you, the entertainment lighting designer, gave it life.


    We bring the tools. And you bring the show. With you since the beginning, we are passionate about the innovations that fuel the world’s most extraordinary experiences.


    In 1981, Vari-Lite created the first modern moving head luminaire for entertainment, and since then, lighting designers have used our luminaires for unforgettable rock ‘n roll shows, moving dramatic performances, and a variety of high-impact events and installations.

    Vari-Lite VL0
    Vari-Lite VL0, the world’s first moving head luminaire.

    40 Years of Icons


    We created some of the most iconic fixtures in the history of the industry, but you are the true icons. For 40 years, the world’s top designers have used Vari-Lite fixtures to create unforgettable looks that continue to amaze. And we are very excited to see what you dream up next.


    Did you know we got our first big break with the band Genesis? Back in 1980, we flew to England to demonstrate our first crude luminaire prototype to band members, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and long-time manager Tony Smith. The rest is history! Genesis invested in the development of our new system for their next tour and Smith coined our company name, Vari-Lite.

    Iconic Vari-Lite logo tattoo
    Iconic Vari-Lite logo tattoo.

    40+ Years More with You


    Since our founding, our love of performance has helped bring the dreams and talents of creative people like you to life. So, here’s to many more years of breathtaking moments.


    Please join us in celebrating 40 Years of Spectacle! We invite you to share your oldest, most iconic Vari-Lite photos, memories, and projects. Send them to us at and let us know if you are willing to have us share them on social media, crediting you of course.


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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