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    Flip the Switch to Selectable LED Lamps

    February 03, 2022
    Signify unveils a new line of customizable TLED and LED HID replacement lamps for professional customers.
    CCT Selectable CornCobs
    We’re excited to introduce a new line of selectable lamps in both TLED and LED HID Replacement Corn Cob styles. These all-in-one, energy-efficient lamps are built to help our customers unlock endless design possibilities across a range of applications – from warehouses and parking lots to schools and retail shops – without compromising on performance. Unleash energy savings of up to 80%1, while enjoying less long-term maintenance with these lamps’ reliable lifetimes. It’s a win-win for all.
    CCT Selectable HID Application


    Color Temperature Flexibility at Your Fingertips


    Customers can customize their lighting’s Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) with a simple sliding switch located inside each lamp. Want to shift from soft white to cool daylight? These lamps can transition between multiple color options with ease. Switch between 5 CCTs in the 3000K to 6500K range with our TLEDs or enjoy three distinct settings (3000K, 4000K or 5000K) with our LED HID replacement lamp. You can even vary your lumen output level, from 100% down to 20%, with the LED HID replacement lamp. Each lamp allows you to experiment with superior color consistency and phenomenal color accuracy, so you can achieve your ideal lighting design without the need for multiple solutions. Streamline and consolidate your inventory with a more efficient portfolio.


    Customization is the way of the future, and it starts with a simple switch! To learn more about our selectable LED lamps, click here.

    CCT Selectable TLED Application


    1 LED system watts of 36 compared to 120 of a C100S54/ALTO


    Brian Vedder
    Brian Vedder
    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak
    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak

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