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    What light bulb do I need?
    Let LightFinder help you to easily find the right lighting

    December 17, 2020
    light bulbs

    Light bulbs, we unconsciously use them every day but only notice them when they stop working. When it suddenly becomes dark in the smallest room in your house or when you cannot see the food in the fridge when you are trying to grab that midnight snack, you really start appreciating the essence of light.


    However, it is not just about perceiving the space around us, light can set an ambiance in a room, impact our mood, help us focus and influence our circadian rhythm. This is exactly why choosing the right lighting is so important. Especially now that we are spending most of our time at home due to COVID-19, choosing the right lighting can make a significant impact on our daily lives.


    Unfortunately, for many of us, buying the right light bulb can be a challenging task. Gone are the days when we simply needed a common 60-watt incandescent light bulb that would fit perfectly well in most cases. Nowadays we need to identify the right bulb from an enormous array of different types of bulbs that all tend to look the same on the outside. A chore that may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, as the devil is in the details and a wrong pick can cause a lamp to burn out, be overly bright or simply not fit at all.


    To make your life easier we developed LightFinder, an innovative app and your new best friend when replacing light bulbs. By simply scanning the light bulb you wish to replace, LightFinder will do the search work for you and identify the type of light bulb that has the right shape and fitting that you need.   

    light finder
    Both the shape and fitting of a light bulb are described by a letter and number combination. The letters describe the bulb-/fitting type while the number is an indication of the actual size, where a higher number represents a larger size. For example for the bulb shape A19, the A refers to the most common available light bulb shape whereas the 19 refers to the diameter of the bulb in eights of an inch (19/8 = 2 3/8). For the fitting E26, the E indicates an Edison base, which is the most popular base in household light bulbs and the 26 represents the width of the base of in millimeters.
    bulb fitting

    As it is impossible for anyone to memorize the light bulb alphabet by heart and the difference between a good fit and wrong fit can sometimes only be a couple of millimeters, let LightFinder take away the guesswork for you. Scan your old bulb with the app and let the LightFinder AI technology match it up with the right replacement. Select the options that fit your need, try out the color tone from the comfort of your room with the live-preview functionality and place your order directly in the app. The live-preview feature helps you visualize the tone of the light bulb in your home before you buy. No more surprises with light bulbs and best of all, it all gets delivered right to your doorstep!


    Scan the QR code below to download LightFinder.

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    Elina Vives
    Elina Vives

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