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    Create “surround sound for your eyes” with Philips Hue Sync, now available

    May 31, 2018


    It’s here! Philips Hue Sync, the free software for Windows 10 and macOS computers that enables immersive light experiences is now available.

    Philips Hue sync

    The free app enables you to perfectly synchronize your Philips Hue smart lighting with games, videos and music played on your Windows 10 or macOS (Sierra and later) computer. The new home entertainment software, which runs alongside the Philips Hue app, delivers an unprecedented level of spatial immersion.


    Imagine you’re playing an action game and your lights mimic the explosions on the screen. Or, when watching a stunning sunset in a movie, have your living room bathed in the same violet, orange and yellow hues you see on the screen. And finally, take your music listening to a new level; your lights can dance to the beat of your favorite tracks.

    Philips Hue go gaming

    “Following several entertainment pilots, we’ve refined the way lighting can be used with games, music and video. Philips Hue Sync offers a unique way to simply match light effects to consumers’ content in a fast and synchronized way, delivering an engaging, immersive experience,” said Jasper Vervoort, Head of Marketing and Product Management, Home Systems and Luminaires at Signify. “By working with leading players in the entertainment industry, we can take this even further. The premiere music video from Disney’s DCappella band, “Immortals,” demonstrates the power of a perfect sync.”


    Disney Music Group first to sync with Hue Signify collaborated with Disney Music Group to showcase Philips Hue Sync’s immersive capabilities with the highly anticipated, premiere music video from the new a cappella singing sensation, DCappella. The group performs the track, “Immortals,” which was featured in Disney’s Oscar®winning animated film, “Big Hero 6.” As part of the collaboration, fans can enjoy the new video in a 360-degree experience.


    VIDEO: Enjoy your favorite Disney tunes withPhilips Hue Sync in 360°

    “We are thrilled to collaborate with the team working on Philips Hue Sync with this 360-degree video, to showcase this next-level engagement with music video content. This technology enhances the vibrant color spectrum of DCappella’s “Immortals” music video and brings their amazing voices to life in a brilliant sensory experience, available today in your home,” said Rob Souriall, Vice President, Global Partnership Marketing at Disney Music Group.


    Simple navigation and customizations available The Hue Sync app can be used with one press of a button. Simply select your desired Audio, Video or Gaming mode within the control panel, and you can sync your lights to the entertainment content playing on your computer.

    Philips Hue sync interface

    You can also tailor your lighting experience. The software allows you to set your desired brightness level and change the speed in which your lights are changing alongside the content; you can select between Subtle, Moderate, High and Intense modes. Plus, when listening to music, you can choose from several different color palettes to match the genre. For example, subtle, pastel colors play nicely with softer tunes, while brighter, bolder tones might be better suited for rock and dance music.


    Philips Hue Sync can be enjoyed on your computer and laptop, as well as on your television, by streaming the content played on the computer via AirPlay to an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Miracast and HDMI.


    For more information about Philips Hue Sync and to download the software, please visit


    Philips Hue
    Philips Hue

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