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    How smart lights make your Christmas magical

    December 12, 2019
    Christmas couple

    Christmas is a magical time of year, with snowy scenes, festive music, and, of course, the twinkling lights on trees and houses. Christmas lights were originally enjoyed as the warm glow from candles and a fire in the hearth, but they have changes drastically over the years, becoming brighter, more colourful, and in modern homes smarter.


    Smart Christmas lights are a perfect addition to your home during the holidays, allowing you to change up your Christmas decorations for each special moment: set the mood for Christmas dinner, wash the walls with fun colours of light as your family opens their gifts, and more. Use our tips to make your holiday even more magical with smart Christmas lights.


    Use a smart plug for app-controlled Christmas lights

    The centrepiece of many homes during Christmas, a brightly lit Christmas tree almost always comes with an unsightly power supply. Disguising the plug often means crawling awkwardly under or around your tree, being poked by pine needles to get to a tucked-away wall socket.

    crawling under tree

    Luckily, you can easily solve the issue with a Philips Hue Smart plug, which transforms your old strand of lights into a strand of smart Christmas tree lights! Simply plug the power supply into the Smart plug and connect the plug to wall socket to enjoy Hue app-controlled smart Christmas lights.


    Bright idea: Have a friend or family member who loves Philips Hue just as much as you? The Smart plug makes for a great stocking stuffer.


    Create a festive feel with a garland of smart light

    Transform your home into a Christmas wonderland! Weave a strand of lights into garland, then tie in bows, garland or ornaments (or all three) along its length to liven it up. Use twist-ties to keep your decorations in place on the garland just don't forget to tuck the visible parts away behind the branches. String up your creation along a staircase or over a door to add a bit of Christmas cheer to any room.


    Bright idea: Ditch the traditional Christmas lights and weave a Philips Hue Lightstrip into your garland instead. Set it to red or green or create a light routine that switches between the colours every so often.


    Make gift-giving part of the decor

    Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts nested under the tree are decorations in and of themselves. Make them an even bigger part of your Christmas decor by using paper and ribbon that matches the colours of your ornaments. For example, if you choose for traditional dark red and gold tree ornaments, use red and green plaid wrapping paper with golden ribbon to tie it all together.

    xmas tree

    Bright idea: Use the portable Philips Hue Go to light up your tree and its gifts. Place the Hue Go between your gifts, aiming it up into your tree to illuminate its branches and add a touch of unexpected charm.


    Smart outdoor Christmas lights illuminate Rudolph's way

    Nothing says December like outdoor Christmas lights on your home. Choose a colour palette that matches your home's exterior and go to town: string larger lights along the eaves of the roof, then smaller icicle-style lights underneath for a crisp, clean look, or use rainbow lights instead for a more non-traditional feel.

    front yard spot lights
    Bright idea: Philips Hue smart outdoor lights can effortlessly enhance your outdoor Christmas lighting setup. Set colour-capable outdoor lights, such as Philips Hue Lily spot lights, to holiday-themed tones to really give your home a festive feel. 


    Philips Hue
    Philips Hue

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