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    Put an end to light trespassing with Lumec’s new range of shielding solutions

    January 7, 2020
    Roadway shielding app shot
    Light trespass can be a huge concern with solid state lighting technology. Bright lighting is typically preferred in residential areas. However, if you cannot control it properly, it can create major problems. Communities want their streets to feel secure, but residents do not want those same lights keeping them awake at night.

    Signify has developed a broad range of shielding solutions for its Lumec roadway product families, to help alleviate these issues. Shielding is especially helpful in a relight project, where placement and spacing may have been designed for a different luminaire or technology. These low-profile and unobtrusive shields will not impact your fixture’s appearance, EPA, or weight. They can be factory installed as options, or you can order them as accessories for easy clip-on installation in the field.


    There are 5 configurations to choose from for both 16 or 20 LED light engines. These options include Lumec’s house side shield, front side shield, left side shield, right side shield, and cul-de-sac shield:

    Shielding renderings

    To better determine which shield is right for your project, it’s important to understand how each shield works. Lumec’s house side shield works by reducing the light in the back of the fixture, to mitigate light spill behind the pole. This is helpful when the fixture is located directly in front of one or more homes, and residents wish to reduce the amount of light coming in their windows at night. Reversing that scenario, Lumec’s front side shield reduces the light in front of the fixture, to mitigate light spill across the street. This is helpful for minimizing the light spill affecting residents on the opposite side of the street from the fixture.


    Sometimes light spill challenges are not contained to the front or the back of the fixture. In that case, your project might need a left side shield, right side shield, or cul-de-sac shield. With the left side shield, you can reduce the light on only the left side, to mitigate light spill on the left side of the fixture pole. Likewise, you can reduce light on the right side of the pole by using a right-side shield. If your light spill is a problem on multiple sides, then you can use the cul-de-sac shield, which reduces light on both sides of the fixture, as well as the back. With the cul-de-sac shield, your light is contained to the front of the pole. You can see the impacts of these shields below:

    Roadway shielding neighborhood illustration

    These shields are available for multiple products within the Lumec roadway portfolio, including the RoadFocus, RoadStar, StreetView and MiniView. Lumec is committed to providing you with increasingly advanced options for lighting focus and control, no matter the challenge.


    Learn more about Lumec’s roadway shielding options


    Lisa O’Neal
    Lisa O’Neal

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