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    Signify to launch a new autonomous solar lighting solution to help customers achieve their sustainability targets

    Aug 27, 2020
    SolarForm trail app shot
    While we have been focusing on the recovery process of the 2020 pandemic that impacted us globally, sustainability and resilience continue to be part of the real-world discussion topics in the public realm. These themes are not new as they started to become popular in the 1980’s and have definitely taken a more important place in the public space lately. Natural catastrophes and economic crisis have created momentum and with the 2020 pandemic, public and private entities are realizing how vulnerable they are to unpredicted events and while the focus has been on recovery, we are already looking to the future with sustainability related activity planning and investment. It is crucial that these lively discussions become meaningful actions.

    The environments in which we live, such as within our cities, buildings, etc. need to keep their ecosystem sustainable and stable as much as possible when impacted by crisis and one way to achieve this is to keep their level of autonomy to external source as high as possible. Ties to outside dependencies for primary resources such as water, energy, goods, and transportation can expose the ecosystem to unpredicted interruptions. When interruption happens, the resilience factor which refer to the ‘capacity of an ecosystem to absorb or avoid disturbance and still retain its basic structure and viability’ *  will help a faster stronger recovery if key areas, such as security are maintained and under control.


    Lighting is one of the key functions that maintains not only safety but also key operations when under environment, economic and social crisis. Since lighting depends on energy, in order to maximize our chances of maintaining it, we need to minimize dependencies on external factor, such as electrical power. That is when autonomy comes in, and where natural elements, such as wind, water and sun can help.


    At Signify we are committed in helping our customers to achieve their sustainable 2020 and beyond goals. To do so, we will be accelerating the launch of lighting solutions that encourages resiliency related to global issues like climate action, circular economy, food availability, health & wellbeing, and safety & security.


    Going Solar

    SolarForm product

    One of Signify’s major initiative for 2020 is the launch of a solar line of products for North America, starting with a completely autonomous solar energy powered luminaire, which will help customers achieve autonomy over the electricity grid in a cost-effective way. The luminaire will include all required solar related components fully integrated in the luminaire. The acquisition, installation, and maintenance process are greatly improved compared to non-integrated solar energy solutions. One of the major benefits of the new Signify autonomous solar energy powered luminaire will also help customers achieve a TCO, similar to standard power grid lighting solution, without any energy cost or dependency. Now that’s innovation!


    SolarForm, our first Signify solar product will be launched in North America this fall. Stay tuned for more information as we will continue to blog about this new solar lighting solution.


    * source: Wikipedia


    Martin Mercier
    Martin Mercier

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