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    Complementary portfolios unite to expand the possibilities for transforming environments with light

    July 9, 2020
    luminous surfaces

    We are delighted to welcome Luminous Surfaces to Color Kinetics!


    Color Kinetics helps lighting professionals harness the unique power of light to make a statement, build a brand, attract a crowd, and reinvigorate buildings and spaces. Previously known as Large Luminous Surfaces under the Philips brand, Luminous Surfaces brings large interior surfaces like walls and ceilings to life with textile panels for ambient and functional lighting.


    The industry-leading depth and breadth of the combined Color Kinetics and Luminous Surfaces portfolio offers lighting professionals a wide range of creative new possibilities for innovative interior and exterior lighting design. Our customers will benefit from a shared legacy of expertise and innovation in professional LED lighting, as well as a relentless dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

    VUE Restaurant, Singapore
    VUE Restaurant, Singapore - photo credits: 5th Avenue Singapore
    Connecting spaces with the outside world, Luminous Surfaces light-emitting panels inspire, energize, and enhance the overall experience in retail and hospitality settings and the well-being of employees in offices around the world. Flexible design elements enable customers, lighting designers, and interior architects to integrate Luminous Surfaces solutions into their unique designs.
    Honda Car showroom, Kuwait
    Honda Car Showroom, Kuwait
    The Luminous Surfaces portfolio includes two product families, Luminous Textile and OneSpace, including OneSpace Prefab and OneSpace Luminous Ceiling. Luminous Textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells are multi-colored LEDs integrated within beautiful, noise absorbing textile panels for dynamic color-changing lighting effects. Luminous Textile enables you to create meaningful spaces that enhance the atmosphere and improve acoustics. You’ll have endless ways to play with color, movement, texture, and light, to express emotion and make a design statement.
    Banco Popular, Spain
    Banco Popular, Spain
    OneSpace Luminous Ceiling is an innovative lighting panel that provides daylight illumination, thanks to LED lights integrated with high-quality textile that completely hides the source of light and improves room acoustics with sound-absorbing materials. A versatile solution, OneSpace Luminous Ceiling is dimmable and available in 3000 K and 4000 K versions, as well as a tunable white version ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K, so you can tailor the light precisely to your needs. With its minimalistic design, OneSpace Luminous Ceiling not only makes spaces look great, it enables a clearer view of objects in their true light by delivering bright, uniform, and glare-free light that eliminates shadows. A wide range of sizes, from 900 X 3300 mm (3 X 10 ft) to 3000 X 9900 mm (10 X 33 ft), and variety of simple ceiling mounting options provide you with the ultimate design flexibility by integrating discreetly with ceiling architecture and building management systems.  You can even select the edge color of the panels in either black or white.  OneSpace Luminous Ceiling is delivered in pre-assembled, ready-to-mount modules, which minimizes the time needed for building and installing panels on site. Delivering similar benefits, OneSpace Prefab is available in compact modular panels, ranging from 900 X 900 mm (3 X 4 ft) to 1,800 X 3,000 mm (6 X 10 ft).

    Visit these Luminous Textile and OneSpace showcases:
    Ogilvy, London
    Ogilvy, London 
    Renault, Bucharest
    Renault, Bucharest
    See how the expanded Color Kinetics portfolio can help you achieve your unique vision. Visit


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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