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    It’s Rugged, Round, and in the Ground!

    February 20, 2023

    That’s a perfect description for Color Kinetics BurstScape, the newest member of our Burst family of floodlighting luminaires. Looking to uplight foliage and tree canopies or wash light on façades and pillars? BurstScape provides you with high-quality in-grade lighting for a wide range of landscape and architectural applications. 


    But - it takes a tough luminaire to excel in the ground, where there is moisture, extreme cold or heat, vehicles drive over it, and crowds walk on it. BurstScape’s advanced design solves this challenge, performing flawlessly in the most demanding conditions for years and years, with minimal maintenance.


    If you need the flexibility of a highly reliable in-ground fixture that delivers exceptional white or color-changing light, Color Kinetics Burscape is the right choice, either alone or seamlessly integrated with other Color Kinetics luminaires, controllers, power/data supplies and Interact Landmark.

    Philips grow lights vertical farming

    Here are just some of the key features that make BurstScape such a high-performance, durable, and reliable in-ground luminaire:


    Beautiful light from the ground up


    • Best-in-class optical system provides bright illumination and meticulous beam control, delivering uniformity and color consistency for seamless integration with other luminaires.
    • Greater saturated color control, as well as accuracy and precision for precise color control targeting and fixture-to-fixture color matching.
    • Stunning results. Easily networked and controlled - ready for the most demanding synchronized color-changing effects.
    Blake Lange


    The ultimate in reliability and maintenance-free operation


    • Extreme durability - surrounded by a hermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant housing, BurstScape can withstand walk-over and slow-moving drive-over traffic of up to 4,200 kg (9260 lb).
    • Meets rigorous IP67 standard for areas with have temporary flooding.
    • Innovative desiccant drying system solves the challenge of moisture ingress and build-up that plague other in-ground luminaires.
    • 6KV surge protection.
    Blake Lange


    Just set it and forget it


    • Speeds installation with a special in-ground pour kit that enables a shallow mounting depth and eliminates installation workarounds.
    • Easy adjustments with rotation and tilt of the luminaire—and connection with power and data—without opening the fully sealed luminaire.
    • Simplifies all aspects of operation, including commissioning, programming, and remote management.


    Viktoria Babol
    Julie Reece

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