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    Outstanding improvements in the supply chain bring recognition to the Boisbriand R&D team

    October 28, 2020
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    Signify has been investing in people for 129 years. From engineers to designers, from technicians to specialists, Signify employees around the world are focused on unlocking the extraordinary potential of light. A wonderful example of that commitment is the Lumec factory, located in Boisbriand Québec, Canada. The Boisbriand site has its own Research & Development (R&D) team that designs, creates, and builds best-in-class lighting solutions with the latest technologies and sustainable practices. 

    Always looking to improve, whether it be in processes or development stages, the goals need to be updated continuously. In the last year, with the new objective of One Global Supply Chain Strategy that Signify has put in place, it highlighted the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and new ways of bringing sustainability to the forefront when creating new products.


    Traditionally, the R&D processes are to develop stand-alone product per market application, meaning that the components are specifically chosen and used for that purpose. But managing our supply chain in an efficient way required an innovative approach. Our R&D team analyzed the current process and saw a perfect opportunity to merge some product requirements and combine them within different projects. At that time, the outdoor lighting market was looking for a Tunnel offering solution, so the R&D team developed a luminaire architecture platform for 3 different applications: Tunnel, Underpass and Flood lighting.

    R&D's approach

    With their innovative mindset, the Boisbriand R&D team put in place a new approach and with tools and techniques used in their analysis, they came up with an optimized solution that included a minimum of new parts while fulfilling the market needs. That new way of thinking quickly became their primary challenge: reusing existing parts in new product developments. 


    Just a few years ago, only 5 to 15% of worldwide components were reused. Today, with the forward-thinking and engaged people within multiple Signify sites, reused parts have increase by 43%. An amazing milestone that is only just beginning and part of the Horizon project.

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    The results obtained were major benefits for the business: 30% reduction on new parts creation, 50% reduction on testing requirement, 63% reduction on the timeline which is now down to 19 weeks. Add to that, all the shared parts within one global supply chain, being worked through one fully integrated team. Also known as people benefits, this multi-site collaboration improved the multiculturalism, virtual communication, and cross functionality as well as knowledge transfer through training and lessons learned. Obviously, less resources needed, reduction on time and cost savings has also helped in reducing the impact on the end-users which is also an important benefit. 
    Signify Excellence Competition

    Inspiring excellence


    The annual Signify Excellence Competition which recognizes outstanding projects that capture the spirit of continuous improvement and problem solving at Signify, was a wonderful opportunity for the Boisbriand R&D team to show their work and inspire others.

    Signify Excellence competition winners

    Represented by Marc-Henri Monier, Michel Fortin, Edgar Perez and Mercedes Shiue, the Boisbriand R&D team first won the local competition at the Boisbriand site, then they went on to win the regional competition for the Americas region. This major win led them to the worldwide finals that should have taken place in the Dominican Republic, in June, but because of the pandemic crisis, the final became a virtual event.


    Unfortunately the R&D team did not win the Signify Excellence Competition, but their project impressed the judges and the voters. All the employees at the Boisbriand site couldn’t be prouder of their R&D team as they recognize the time and effort that was put into this project and in the preparation for the annual competition. Their contagious enthusiasm was appreciated by everyone.


    Many congratulations to this amazing team for their determination and perseverance that brought important sustainable improvements to the Signify way of creating new products and lighting solutions. Bravo!


    Karine Proulx
    Karine Proulx

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