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    October 5, 2021
    Strand FLX S Console Close Up


    Whether you’re a teacher looking to create the perfect lighting effects to help your students shine in their year-end production, a staff member preparing for your community theater’s next performance, or maybe you’re a volunteer at your house of worship enhancing the experience with theatrical lighting, you need to create and control beautiful effects quickly, easily, and affordably.


    Our new Strand FLX S Consoles let you do just that. Designed for entry-level users, they save time and maximize your creativity by delivering all the power and capabilities you expect from Strand in an intuitive, fun, and cost-effective solution. So, you don’t have to be a lighting designer to design like one.

    Strand FLX S24 Console


    With limited budgets, demanding use, and minimal technical expertise on staff, you also need reassurance that the consoles are reliable, will last for years, and that you’ll be well supported for the full life of the system. FLX S Consoles leverage the quality and exceptional service and support of Strand - the original name in theatrical lighting.


    Here are just some of the reasons FLX S is the perfect console for schools, houses of worship, broadcast studios, theaters, and even portable applications - thanks to its compact size and simple setup:

    Strand FLX S48

    Easy to use


    • 7-inch multitouch screen - easily adjust colors, moving lights, and more.
    • Easy “3-step programming”- select what you want, where you want to control them, and how you want them to look.
    • 4 physical encoders and 7 dedicated buttons for go, record, delete, and more – faster and more intuitive control, particularly in a live environment.
    • Onscreen guidance – never get lost thanks to situationally aware, on-screen tips in English, Spanish, French, or German.
    • Z button for quick access to important tools – easily perform common functions anywhere in the console.
    • RigSync – simplify commissioning and management with technology that finds fixtures, automatically patches them, continually monitors the system, and adapts to changes.
    Strand FLX S48 with Monitor

    Robust capabilities


    • Cost-effective 2-universe console – up to 1024 channels of affordable lighting control.
    • 24 or 48 fader options to control up to 96 devices – the perfect balance of size and control.
    • Image picker for control selection – upload a photo and select different colors in one or more spots in the image for color variation and depth.
    • Mood Boards by LEE Filters – select the perfect color palette for your mood.
    • 2 Physical DMX ports and support for Ethernet protocols – versatile network and physical connectivity options.
    • Up to 64 universes of DMX connectivity – control all the fixtures in your rig and patch them the way you want to organize them. 


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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