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    Interview with 3rd prize winners of the CLUE 04 Competition

    June 27, 2018


    We are happy to introduce you to the team that won the third prize of the CLUE 04 Edition of the International Lighting Design Competition under the theme “Light and the senses”.


    Congratulations to Caroline Haydee De Carli and Joao Pedro Lopes Andrade from Brazil for their project entitled “Awallness”.

    Interview with 3rd prize winner CLUE

    Tell me about yourself, your career and your education.

    Caroline: “I’m a 22-year-old girl born in Toledo, Parana, Brazil. Coming from a small city, I always had an interest in architecture and art. At 18, I got accepted in the Federal University of Technology – Parana. Next year, I’ll finish my major in Architecture & Urbanism and hope to open a firm with my boyfriend focused exclusively on Architecture Competitions.


    Joao Pedro: My name is Joao Pedro. I’ll be 23 years old in July and was born in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul – extreme south of Brazil. I’m currently majoring in Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Technology – Parana. My interest in Architecture grew in 2017, when Caroline introduced me to it. After an internship in an architecture office, I talked Caroline into joining the CLUE Light and the Senses competition. It was only our second contest together, and now we’re already thinking about opening an Architecture Firm.


    Where does your interest in lighting design come from? 

    Together: Here in Brazil, architecture, urbanism and landscaping come together in a single major. Having these connections, we always seek to develop projects in all these areas together. The Light and the Senses theme seemed like a great opportunity to explore that.


    Why did you choose to participate in the “Light and the Senses” themed CLUE Competition?

    Together: The competition really caught our attention because of its remarkable theme. A design for a public space using the five senses makes it sound very interesting, and we recognized the opportunity to show our creative skills.


    Can you share with us your initial idea behind this concept of “AWALLNESS” and what is the “Light and the Senses” aspect of this project?

    Together: The conflict happening in Israel is something that always troubled us. Most people choose their own city/country to intervene, but as big as the problems are here in Brazil, we thought this conflict deserved our attention more. As for the “Light and the Senses” aspect, the effects luminosity have on people are well known – it may make one feel angry or calm, sad or happy. There was no better way to approach the situation, no better way to catch people’s attention for this huge conflict.


    Do you think that your proposal could become reality?

    Together: Well, the topic is definitely very sensitive. There’s not only the technology behind it, but also some huge political concerns. It is definitely a feasible project, but we’re not sure if today it would be of interest to either side of the conflict.


    What were your motivations for “AWALLNESS” ?

    Together: As stated before, we have always had a deep interest regarding this conflict, and so we thought it would be possible to draw attention to this sad war that has been happening for years now.


    Please tell us more about the operational aspect of your installation. How does it work?

    Together: For the silhouette through the wall, there is a panel built out of a fractal metamaterial, which basically consists of a nanostructure with polymers. This panel’s cells are smaller than light wavelengths, so the cells may change the natural and physical properties of electromagnetic fields, making it feasible for the light to cross through solid objects. For the sound, the panel can’t store it. But the panel recognizes someone’s touch and glows the area in red; a person on one side can connect to a person on the opposite side by touching his/her “glow” and listening to what he/she has to say. That’s possible by using a technology that takes the sound to an amplifier/filter and then translates it to a high amplitude and low power electrical signal. This allows the sound to be transmitted through the wall by touch.


    How do you see lighting design evolving on a long-term basis?

    Together: Lighting design is innate to good architecture, and is an obligatory skill for any architect who seeks greatness. As all sorts of technologies become more and more present in our day-to-day lives, it goes without saying that lighting design is going to be deeply related to these technologies and architecture itself in the future.


    How do you see your professional career evolving?

    Together: We are very excited and hopeful about the idea of opening an architecture firm focused exclusively on competitions, and we definitely see this prize as our first step towards it.


    For the latest updates on the CLUE competition, visit our web site or follow us on Facebook.



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