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    Money can’t buy me love

    March 10, 2020
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    Attend this webinar to understand that light has the power to influence life and that it dictates human health and wellbeing however, this fact is being scarcely regarded by the manufacturing industry, whose main focus is commerce.

    Key topics and learnings

    Recalling Paul McCartney passionately singing “Can’t buy me Love”; immediately redirects Mr. Surlakar's thoughts to the veracity of those sentiments in this present day. This webinar attempts to contextually explore the truth in his words. Business landscapes and strategies are changing. Today probably, money can buy Love.


    Business and money have become the primary goals and are shifting the focus from design and creativity in the profession of Architectural Lighting design. A more romantic view would be a design world free of the associated commercial encumbrances. Human greed for quick wealth and shortcuts is being exploited by the industry at large to define the course for the language of design.


    It would be naïve to assume that design practices are not a business. But is business a core value that drives design or should design define and dictate how human lives and experiences are elevated? Who drives this discourse? Do we as a design community; have a strong voice? Do we even have an Identity? Do we have the Numbers? Are we defining the agenda for the development of the design paradigm or are we being manipulated and bludgeoned towards adopted agendas by manufacturers and business houses?

    Dinner lighting

    This webinar would be based on true anecdotes, personally experienced by Mr. Surlakar in his professional journey, that give an insight into how the industry works today. It will ask a few questions in order to seek a few answers that hopefully clear the air about the grey areas in the professional ethics v/s professional business debate. Am I the only one seeing grey? It will put forth some compelling arguments in support of the feelings expressed and he hopes that the gathering of professionals help him see better light.


    Learning Objectives


    • To sensitize the design fraternity, design professionals and clients or end users about the profession of Lighting Design
    • To stir up a discussion about business ethics
    • To discuss how the industry works today and how business takes precedence over design.
    • To discuss how in the absence of proper lighting education and awareness, misinformation is used for pecuniary gains.

    This webinar is presented by Mr. Surlakar who has sixteen years of experience in the area of Architectural Lighting Design Consultancy.

    Attend this webinar


    Live on Thursday March 19, 2020

    4:00 PM CET/10 AM EDT


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