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    Bringing the benefits of natural light indoors

    October 13, 2020
    Bringing the benifits of natural light indoors

    Key topics and learnings


    Daylight is so natural that it is easy to forget just how important it is to humans. The exposure to the right level of light during the day, as well as its dynamic cycles are vital for us in many ways. It strongly impacts our mood and energy level, our comfort and quality of sleep, as well as our health and wellbeing in general.

    Traditionally, the workplace lighting design was mainly driven by visual requirements. However, in recent years, science demonstrated that the human brain contains dedicated pathways for ‘non-visual’ or ‘non-image forming’ effects of light, and a third photoreceptor has been identified in the human eye.


    In the modern world humans live more than 90% indoors being exposed to little and inadequate light. More and more employers are searching for the right lighting solutions which are proven to be beneficial for body and mind, and in return for increased productivity, engagement, and workplace satisfaction.


    Signify created rich and meaningful lighting solutions which bring the benefits of natural light to indoor spaces in order, to enhance wellbeing, to create engaging and attractive environments and to reconnect people with the outside world. In this webinar you will learn about the approach, the scientific basis, and the lighting solution.  


    Presented by:

    Christina Tanase
    • With background in physics and PhD in molecular electronics, Cristina Tanase is an all-around professional with passion on bringing innovation to market. She has built-up experience in several innovation leadership roles in businesses of different maturity levels. She enjoys working in dynamic business to business environment with a strong technology focus.
    • At Signify we are taking a leading role to bring better light to the world through innovations. As General Manager of NatureConnect business at Signify, Cristina leads a highly committed and engaged multi-disciplinary team to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. NatureConnect creates rich and meaningful lighting solutions by bringing the benefits of natural light to indoor spaces in order, to enhance health and wellbeing.    


    Learning Objectives


    • Get introduced to NatureConnect by Signify.
    • Based on research and proof points understand why natural light and lighting inspired by nature is good for people and it is good for business.
    • Learn how good quality biological and emotional lighting impacts your employees and leads to increased productivity, engagement, and workplace satisfaction.
    • Learn how you as developer or system integrator will be better placed to advise and develop innovative solutions for customer’s indoor spaces.


    Attend this webinar


    Live on Thursday Oct 22, 2020 

    4:00 PM CET/10:00 AM EDT


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