Diego Difiori

    Diego Difiori

    Diego Difiori

    Application Engineer

    Who are you?

    • Grew up in Argentina then moved to Chicago (lived here for 39 years). Have solid software experience; am a developer myself.
    • Have hardware experience as well.
    • Have 10 years worth of experience in both the internal and exteral areas of manufacturing.


    What do you do?

    • Function on the OEM level.
    • Facilitate North American requirements to the development group and program manager.
    • Create and organize customer case studies for other customers to view and compare.
    • Am involved in releasing software testing and validation.


    What is your focus?

    • North American MultiOne and EDIT systems.
    • Custumer support.


    Where did you go to school?

    DeVry University: BS in Electrical Engineering.


    Where did you work?

    • At Andrew Wireless.
    • At Grayhill.
    • At Motorola.
    • At Tellabs.
    • Was a self-contractor for a while.
    • At Signify (for 12 years) in manufacturing, testing, outsourcing, and engineering.


    What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

    Interacting with customers.


    Fun Fact?

    Love mangos.

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