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      The best Internet of Things (IoT) lighting platform is nothing without the best partners to bring it life. This website connects like-minded entrepreneurs with a common vision, platform and technologies, creating a vibrant hub for innovation. It’s a one-stop destination where you can be inspired by the latest IoT innovations, stay on top of our open standards platform, and reach out to other OEM partners to collaborate and co-create.

    Join us as we build IoT lighting that will solve society’s most pressing problems and shape a better world.

    What’s new in the world of connected lighting 

    • Partnership is key to success

      Partnership is key to success

      Intra-luminaire digital interface such as Sensor Ready (SR) is getting greater market adoption around the world. Read about what Signify’s SR partners in North America think about it.

    • Ready to deliver smart city sensor networks?

      Ready to deliver smart city sensor networks?

      With sensors on light poles offering so many ways to transform city life, it’s a great time for sensor and network providers to join forces.

    • Every light a Bluetooth beacon

      Every light a Bluetooth beacon

      Bluetooth technology embedded in light fixtures will spark massive adoption of smart lighting, enabling rapid setup using a smartphone app.

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