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    Simplifying LED maintenance and management

    Smart street lighting will help future-proof our cities






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    One QR code. One Registration. One system to service them all.



    Our LED luminaires are equipped with a Service Tag feature that reduces the time and effort to update your streetlight asset information, optimize the LED upgrade installation process, and to make your ongoing maintenance and system management run more smoothly. Once connected to Data Delivery Service, individual lighting asset data is imported into your city lighting management system. All this is possible through simply scanning the QR code on our luminaire.

    Knowing how much extra value municipalities have been able to unlock by upgrading to connected LED lighting, these features can be the first step to taking control of your energy emissions and costs while making streets safer and asset management and data collection more convenient and dependable.

    With Service Tag, your streetlight assets are accurately tracked and maintained for all registered luminaires.

    • LED lighting for roads and streets

      LED lighting for roads and streets

      Creating energy savings from LED and connected lighting, the Signify Brighten America plan can help achieve sustainability and connectivity targets.

    • LED lighting for government buildings

      LED lighting for government buildings

      Signify energy-efficient LED and connected lighting is a quick win for a sustainable building renovation utilizing infrastructure investment funds

    • Bright ideas in Education

      Bright ideas in Education

      Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society as places of learning, belonging, and community cohesion.

    • Broadband equity

      Broadband equity

      Broadband access is critically important for equal opportunity in the workplace, the educational system, and people's day-to-day lives.

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