Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    Automatic Bodine Connection – As Easy as “A-B-C” 

    Bodine emergency lighting products have always offered the most innovative features designed to be not only functional, but safe as well.  With safety being our utmost concern, it is only natural we incorporate this into our products while making it even easier to use.  Our legacy safety feature keeping our products from deep discharging our batteries has been the inverter/converter enable connector (inverter for fluorescent products and converter for LED products).


    This connector has been very effective in protecting manufacturing and maintenance personnel against electric shock and preventing our internal batteries from being deeply discharged while in storage or during shipping. One of the main drawbacks of this method was the installer would typically have to open the luminaire ballast channel or housing, in the case of an outdoor or vapor-tight luminaire, to access this connector.  This was required since the luminaire manufacturer would be instructed to leave it open to deactivate the emergency function before installation and AC mains was applied to the luminaire.  It also meant extra work on the part of the luminaire manufacturer and installer.


    Bodine once again has come up with a solution to reduce this added work while still maintaining the same level of safety and reliability you expect when using our products.  Introducing the new Automatic Bodine Connection (ABConnect) feature, currently available on BSL06M5 and soon to be released lithium battery-based 14W and 20W output family.


    ABConnect makes emergency installation as easy as ABC!  Rather than messing around with opening and closing the connector, now all that is needed is to press the test switch for 3-5 seconds while the Bodine product is in the emergency mode and the emergency function will remain deactivated until AC mains is reapplied to the emergency product’s unswitched hot connections (check your instructions to confirm).


    There’s no need to ensure the connector is open before shipping or storing the luminaire and no more worries that the installer did not connect them on a large job.  Once the emergency function is deactivated at the factory, it will automatically reconnect the emergency function once the unswitched AC mains are energized.  To properly install the luminaire, please continue to follow Bodine installation instructions, but there will no longer be any concern with the emergency enable connector.


    Bodine is excited to bring ABConnect to the market and we will continue to expand this feature in new and existing products in the near future. The next products that will use this exciting feature will be the new Bodine lithium battery based 14W and 20W output family!


    For more information, email us at or call (888) 263-4638, option 1 for wiring questions and option 2 for all other inquiries.