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    Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting for extended runtime applications

    While 90 minutes is the standard code-required time for emergency lighting operation, there are cases in which more than a 90-minute runtime is required or desired. For example, a hospital, school or assisted living facility might benefit from a longer emergency lighting runtime. Bodine offers fluorescent emergency ballasts with two- and four-hour runtimes to accommodate special applications. Extended runtime emergency ballasts are compatible with electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts.

    Product information

    LED emergency drivers

    BSL14B2 2-Hour

    • 2-hour runtime
    • 15-54 Vdc or 54-200 Vdc output
    • Integral battery, with or without conduit
    • Field-installable

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    • 4-hour runtime
    • Class 2 output
    • Field-installable

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    Emergency Lighting Inverters

    ELI-S-185 CEC 2HR

    • 185 VA, Sinusoidal Output, 2 Hour runtime
    • CEC Title 20 and Self-Testing
    • Auto select 120 or 277 VAC
    • Patented automatic dimming (0-10V) of connected loads

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    Fluorescent emergency ballasts


    • 4-hour runtime
    • 225-450 lumen output

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    • 2-hour runtime
    • 600-700 lumen output

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