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    Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    Design in minutes

      Select the best Bodine emergency LED driver for your application. The Signify Easy Design-in Tool helps you design an effective solution to specifications by quickly optimizing your selections. With this tool you can not only make decisions about your emergency driver, you can also create a full module-driver-emergency system.

      NOTE: It may be necessary for you to select the proper regions on the EDiT portal.

      Click on the profile icon on the top right of the page and select “North America” as your region.
    At Signify, we are taking a leading role to bring better light to the world and to help provide a more sustainable future. We do this by delivering light which is energy efficient, saves resources, and improves lives. At Signify, we also ‘walk the talk’ and commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. We are driving our zero waste to landfill program, striving for a zero injury workplace, and are engaging suppliers for a sustainable supply chain
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    Getting started


    To learn more and see what Easy Design-in Tool can do for you, please view the short videos below.

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