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        Step into the future of site lighting

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    Gardco OptiForm  

    Introducing OptiForm, a luminaire family that revolutionizes site and area lighting by saving time, energy and money. Elevate your outdoor space with OptiForm.

    Bring innovation to your site


    • Low profile design in three sizes to complement any style of architecture
    • Output ranging from 2,000 to 67,000 lumens
    • Provides up to 192 lumens per watt for significant energy savings
    • Complete controls offering, including Interact
    • Service Tag feature provides assistance throughout the life of the product

    Illumination your way


    OptiForm offers 11 optical distributions to suit a variety of applications. Specialty optics and shields are available to illuminate the spaces you need and shield the spaces you don’t.


    • 11 Optical distributions
    • Internal house side shields available
    • Precision Plus Optics: Type 2, 3, 4, 5
    • Site & Area Optics: Type 2, 3, 4, 4 wide, 5 narrow, 5 medium, 5 wide, auto front row, backlight control, LEED corner left and right
    • 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 70 and 80 CRI

    Designed with you in mind


    • Standard arm, mast arm, and wall mount available
    • Two-piece housing allows for arm to mount separately
    • Sustainable design with lightweight housing for one person installation
    • Standard arm includes retrofit capability to mount to existing drill patterns

    Integral Interact sensors


    Help boost energy savings, reach sustainability targets and enhance occupancy comfort levels immediately with OptiForm with Interact. Interact is a connected system with wireless luminaire level lighting controls and integral occupancy & daylight sensing.


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    OptiForm solar

    Access to light is imperative. With solar lighting solutions, off-the-grid communities can access light 24/7. The sun offers clean, free and renewable energy. Captured, stored and distributed, solar energy powers our lighting fixtures by replacing all or part of the electrical consumption from our infrastructure, limiting consumption and grid overload.

    Our standalone solar lighting solutions do not require any trenching, digging or wiring to connect to the grid network. These systems are quick and easy to install without causing significant disruption such as lengthy construction periods, traffic, noise or pollution. Additionally, our luminaires are designed with durable, long-lasting materials that require little to no maintenance.

    Support sustainability initiatives with a patented, solar luminaire design. Available in multiple lumen packages with industry-leading efficacy.

    With OptiForm solar, get up to 12,300 lm with efficacy up to 222 lm/W. A wide range of optical distributions can meet photometric requirements for the most challenging applications. Specialty optics and shields are available to illuminate the spaces you need and shield the spaces you don’t.