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    Milwaukee’s future looks bright: Signify’s connected LED lighting illuminates the iconic Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge

    October 21, 2020
    Daniel Hoan's Memorial Bridge: Pride colors
    • Signify’s Interact Landmark connected lighting system transforms the skyline at night, beautifying the city’s landscape and serving as a platform to demonstrate solidarity and foster community pride
    • The project is creating a hands-on STEM learning opportunity for Milwaukee-area students, developing the next generation of tech talent
    Signify today announced the completion of a connected LED lighting system on the west side of the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge, one of Milwaukee’s iconic landmarks. This dynamic, colorful architectural LED lighting, in conjunction with Signify’s Interact Landmark connected lighting system, will allow the bridge to shine in the city skyline and serve as a symbol of civic pride and unity.


    In 2018, a group of business and civic leaders formed the Light the Hoan committee and launched a fundraising campaign to revitalize the bridge and spark economic and social change. Every light on the Hoan bridge represents a meaningful story about the city or a dedication to those that have improved the quality of life, bridging Milwaukeeans together and serving as a catalyst for community engagement.   

    “Milwaukee is a city with tremendous positive energy and momentum. Completing this first phase of the Hoan bridge lights is an important reminder that anyone – regardless of age or economic level – can make a tangible impact in our community,” said Ian Abston, co-founder of Light the Hoan.

    Daniel Hoan's Memorial Bridge: community's celebration
    Photo © Adam Pinson
    Signify’s connected LED lighting system includes more than 1800 Color Kinetics FlexElite nodes and nearly 50 ArchiPoint fixtures. These exterior LED luminaires create high-visibility, direct-view applications of white or colored light, and can be changed to build awareness for causes, honor holidays, cheer on Milwaukee sports teams and support other events. When used with Interact Landmark, the system can be programmed to deliver spectacular light shows with animated effects and synchronized to music. This creates inspiring visual experiences celebrating the community’s progress.


    “The main goal of Light the Hoan was to breathe new life into this landmark and drive economic benefits, but since we launched, it has delivered so much more than that. Over the last two years, we’ve shined a light on the great work of non-profits from every corner of the city and forged meaningful relationships with groups like Islands of Brilliance to continue to inspire the community,” said Michael Hosted, co-founder of Light the Hoan. “Now that we have accomplished lighting the west side of the bridge, we’re excited about what else is to come.”

    For example, Light the Hoan, Signify and other local organizations are joining forces to create a unique, tangible educational opportunity for Milwaukee-area students using the bridge. They will develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning programs, utilizing the technology that powers the Hoan Bridge’s lighting to teach skills like coding.

    Daniel Hoan's Memorial Bridge: yellow lights
    Photo © Kristine Hinrichs Photography

    “Signify and Light the Hoan share the same vision: to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world,” said Martin Stephenson, Head of North America Professional Systems and Services, Signify. "We couldn’t be prouder to partner with this collective of business and civic leaders, and not just make a meaningful impact on the landscape but also drive positive work in the community.”

    Signify supported Light the Hoan with the full, turnkey installation and commissioning of the bridge lighting. The company will help remotely monitor and manage the lighting to ensure that it is performing at its best, while working to light the east side of the bridge.


    The connected LED lighting system will premiere on October 22, 2020, in a music-driven light show. It will be locally broadcast to allow residents city-wide to share in the celebration of this iconic landmark.

    Title image © Kristine Hinrichs Photography


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