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    Title 24 Energy-Efficiency Standards: How It Differs from Title 20 Requirements  

    May 26, 2022
    Recently, we dove into Title 20, California’s “appliance efficiency regulations” for the import and sale of LED lamps within the state, and the value our Title 20-compliant portfolio can deliver for customers not just in the state but with a nationwide presence. Our LED lamps offering also supports Title 24 JA8 energy-efficiency standards!
    Title 24

    Title 24 and JA8: Some Background


    Title 24 is the state of California’s building code. Part 6 of Title 24 is the energy code, which includes energy-specific requirements for the installation of lighting – to promote energy efficiency in buildings and building sites throughout the state. These requirements address:

    • Lighting Power Allowances – The maximum lighting power in watts allowed for a building project, including project area and lighting power density;  
    • Lighting controls – Specific controls must be installed to provide energy-saving functionality, such as automatic shut off, daylighting response and dimming.

    Title 24 compliance is enforced for new and refurbished buildings that require permit reviews and inspections to obtain a certificate of occupancy. Every three years, the California Energy Commission updates the building energy-efficiency standards in Title 24 by working directly with stakeholders to make improvements.


    Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) is a specific reference to the performance requirements for high luminous efficacy light sources within Title 24. These requirements must be met for light sources (including LED lamps) to be installed in single family and multi-family residential buildings in California. To qualify for Title 20/Title 24 JA8 compliance, each lamp must be listed in California’s MAEDBS (Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System).

    Joint Appendix


    Compliant & Convenient


    We understand the unique lighting challenges national customers face: finding solutions that deliver energy efficiency without sacrificing performance, while meeting state-specific building energy standard requirements. Signify’s LED portfolio has a full assortment of lamps that meet Title 20/Title 24 JA8 requirements eliminating this guesswork – it was designed to support this need exactly.


    To learn more about our offering, browse our product brochure, or visit our website.

    Compliant and Convenient

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