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    On trend once again – Calculite by Lightolier brings you smaller aperture and more options

    March 31, 2020
    Calculite entrance

    In the world of consumer products, we are seeing thinner and thinner TV’s with each passing Super Bowl and smaller, skinnier iPhones, that are more powerful than the previous year. Even in-home decorating trendsetter Marie Kondo wants to minimalize our homes. From eating clean with smaller portions to open offices with no set workspaces, the term “less is more” has never been more entrenched. The world of lighting is no exception to this movement.

    “We are seeing a shift from your traditional five/six-inch downlights to smaller four, three and even two inch downlights” says Matthew Wall, Indoor point source product marketing manager, for Lightolier by Signify. “We are excited to launch two complete three-inch aperture downlights, wall washers and accents extensions to the Calculite and LyteProfile families, that will both work on the UniFrame platform.”

    One Frame, three downlight families = simple decision

    In December 2018 Lightolier launched a new downlight family, EasyLyte, and new 4” and 6” configurations in its LyteProfile and Calculite downlight families. These luminaires all work on the same frame, resulting in over 56K of standard downlight configurations! “By expanding the LyteProfile and Calculite families to new smaller 3” aperture downlights we are flooding the lighting market with over 500K different options, across three different product families, in 5 different apertures” says Wall.

    UniFrame install
    With the launch of the 3” LyteProfile and 3” Calculite families, on the UniFrame architecture, Lightolier not only expands the families with a smaller aperture, but is also offering a shallow 1” regress/sparkle trim option for lighting designers on top of the standard trim. With higher lumen output and wider beam distribution, small aperture downlights are quickly becoming the trend and standard in residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.
    Office lobby

    By offering a new line of 3” solutions, that also work on a same frame, lighting designers will have no-limits to their design vision. By expanding the Lightolier LyteProfile and Calculite families in the 3” aperture sizes, while using a single UniFrame solution, specifying one lighting manufacturer on one job, becomes much easier.  

    Lightolier downlight family

    What’s the difference between LyteProfile and Calculite?

    The new Calculite 3” LED downlight will offer 5 lumen packages from 500lm – 1800lm, 90 CRI in two sets of trim options in both standard deep and new shallow 1” regress with 10 different trim finish options, including new texture style painted options! Calculite known for its “quite”/“dark” downlight deep trims, with 50° beam cut off is now expanding the 3” downlight family by introducing “bright” or “sparkle” downlights trims with a 70° beam cutoff. All trims, regardless of deep or shallow, will share the same separate light engine module which will make building out a product easier for the Lighting Specifier/Engineer and allows quick last-minute design changes simple with a change of a part number.

    Trim engine driver
    LyteProfile 3” downlights offer a simpler approach. Instead of a two-part light engine and separate attachable trim options they are combined into one piece that plugs into the UniFrame receptacle. LyteProfile will offer 3 lumen packages from 500lm – 1500lm, 90 CRI in five trim finish options with a 60° beam cutoff.
    Small trim engine driver

    New color/standard color temperatures

    Lightolier is introducing both 3” families with a new standard, Dim to Warm, color temperature. With the ability to dim from 3000K to 1800K. Lighting designers now have the ability to spec in moods for hospitality or residential clients that work on a variety of lighting systems.

    LyteProfile 3” LED downlight


    Things will only get smaller


    Lightolier already has a line of two-inch aperture downlights on plan to launch in 2020, giving the design community more ease to keep their specs to one manufacturer. When asked about what the lighting community can expect to see from Lightolier, Wall says, “you can expect to see smaller apertures, innovation in tunable color and products that live up to the quality expected of the Lightolier brand. 2020 is going to be an exceptional time in our legacy.”


    For more information on the 3” Calculite & LyteProfile please visit


    Cathleen Singer
    Cathleen Singer

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