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    Be your own lighting director with TruGroove cove by Ledalite

    February 13, 2020
    TruGroove Airport

    Did you know that TruGroove cove allows you total control and cost savings without sacrificing quality?


    The TruGroove family is recognized as high quality lighting with beautiful aesthetics designed for a robust variety of applications. You may already have spec’d the linear recessed, suspended or shapes versions on some of your high visibility projects.

    TruGroove specs

    The addition of TruGroove cove makes this high-performance luminaire family an even more compelling choice. From suspended, surface and wall, to recessed, perimeter... and now cove – TruGroove is your comprehensive solution.


    Signify Product Manager Matt Kuehnel stated “When we were developing TruGroove cove, one of our main goals was high performance. However, the result surpassed my expectations… running an example open office application with TruGroove cove as the only light source achieves less than 1.7 Min/Max workplane performance along with a low power density.

    TruGroove cove
    TruGroove cove offers highly controlled asymmetric light throw, evenly lighting the space and ceiling, not the wall and pocket. This creates a smoothly illuminated low-glare environment with a "quiet" ceiling, free of striations. By adjusting installation angles, you can determine your distribution, and multiple lumen-package choices help you direct the right amount of light within your space.
    Installation angles
    TruGroove cove hits the sweet spot when you are shopping for a perfect balance of optical control, ease of installation, low-maintenance and cost.

    Kuehnel says “This product, combined with our existing high performance TruGroove suspended, surface, wall, recessed, shapes, and perimeter products really gives designers a full complement of products to create evenly-lit, low-glare, and low power spaces people want to be in.”
    TruGroove store


    Cathleen Singer
    Cathleen Singer

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