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    Feel more energetic in the office with light and nature

    September 18, 2020
    wwp health practice meeting room red
    Ogilvy was moving all their operating companies into one building. WPP Health Practice, a health and wellness company, was one of those companies to move.
    To Ogilvy, it was important that the reception area in the new office would reflect their work. Expectancies were high. Not only would the new office design have to make a great first impression to visitors but more importantly, it would have to create a healthy and energizing environment for employees. But how?
    wwp health practice reception

    Ogilvy decided to create a health and wellness lab as part of its new reception area, designed to stimulate the senses through sight, scent, and soundscapes. To this purpose, eight Color Kinetics Luminous Textile panels provide the focal point in the reception area: a dynamic recessed wall more than 10.5 metres wide and 2.4 metres tall. The Interact Office technology behind the display allows Ogilvy to create custom content for the panels, including dynamic scenes designed to increase the well being of its staff in the office.


    David Davenport-Firth, Managing Partner at Ogilvy Health noted, “Here in our reception lounge – and by choosing different imagery with different lighting and different dynamics – we can very much change the mood.”

    wwp health practice room

    How does it work?


    Color Kinetics Luminous Textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells provides the perfect blank canvas to display custom video content, created by multi-colored LEDs that sit within these beautiful textile panels. You can display inspirational messages or mood setting designs, themes, and scenes. And all with a click of the button. Instantly, you can create just the atmosphere you are looking for!


    Displays of nature-inspired content like sunlight streaming through leaves, creates a calming atmosphere that lowers your stress level and stimulates a positive mindset. (1) As a result, you will feel more energized. Additionally, the Kvadrat Soft Cells improve acoustics by dampening sound and reducing noise, allowing for better concentration in a busy office.


    David Davenport-Firth chose Color Kinetics Luminous Textile panels for the WPP health practice office. “One of the reasons we chose the luminous textile surface is that it allows us to bring together light and nature in a dynamic way.”  

    wwp health practice meeting room yellow

    WPP Practice wanted their office design to look amazing and on top of that, improve the well-being of its visitors and staff. Now, they can easily change the mood indoors and create a relaxing experience with gentle, nature-inspired video content. A healthy workplace that can make you feel uplifted and full of energy!


    Explore endless design possibilities withs Luminous Textile and OneSpace

    This study found that participants who looked at photos of nature achieved lower scores on stress scales than those who had not: 



    Wendy van den Boom
    Wendy van den Boom

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