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    Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW is Here!

    June 29, 2021
    Vaya linear MP G2 RGBW - Exterior Line

    We are delighted to announce Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW, our new, powerful exterior line-voltage linear grazing luminaire with intelligent RGBW light.


    Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW is a reliable and cost-effective LED wall grazing luminaire for both interior and exterior applications that offers you exceptional flexibility to create stunning wall washing and wall grazing effects. The robust luminaire adds a separate white LED to create better-quality whites vs. RGB. With adjustable mounting brackets and wide or elliptical beam angles, it provides you with a complete toolbox for your façade lighting needs. Its discreet design with integrated power supply and waterproof connectors makes wiring simple, fast, and reliable. What’s more, our power algorithm maximizes luminaire performance when using in any single channel output.

    Vaya Linear MP G2 RGBW - Leds


    Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW delivers:


    Power - Throwing light with 10lx up to 26.2m / 1fc up to 86 ft (10 x 50° beam), Linear MP is ideal for grazing mid-sized walls and façades.


    Versatility - Available in two lengths and in wide or elliptical beam angles, custom LED configurations, and adjustable mounting brackets, the Vaya Linear series is a flexible toolbox for a range of interior and exterior linear lighting applications.


    Ease of Installation - Snap-lock connectors ensure fast and secure waterproof daisy-chain connections.

    Vaya Linear MP G2 RGBW - Snap-lock Connectors

    High-brightness Red, Green, Blue, and White LEDs - Our power algorithm maximizes luminaire performance when using in any single channel output.


    Simplicity - Directly processes 100 to 277 VAC input, all in one slim housing, eliminating the need for bulky external low voltage power supplies and related cabling limitations. This allows for greater installation flexibility and a lean installation.

    Vaya Linear MP G2 RGBW - Side Panel

    Durability - An anodized aluminum housing, tempered glass, pressure equalizing air vents, and IP66 outdoor rating protect this product against outdoor environments, while waterproof connectors ensure a reliable and fast installation.


    Supports full bi-directional communication using industry standard DMX Remote Device Management (RDM) - Using the RDM capabilities of the Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW with an optional MPC8 allows for remote monitoring utilizing Interact Landmark. With Interact Landmark, you can check the devices on your lighting network right from your Web browser.


    Interested to learn more? Discover what Vaya Linear MP G3, RGBW can do for you>


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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